Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Baked Tilapia

I am not really fond of tilapia but at times I do cook them , for WB loves them baked.  I will buy the tilapia still swimming around the fishmonger's big tub . They are pond reared, anyway I like them fresh then frozen type since I have the choice to get them still swimming. I pick one out and ask the fishmonger to clean them and fillet them for me .  For Ipohans' information, I bought them from Canning Garden wet market :) This medium size tilapia costs me RM10.90 which is considered cheap compared to salmon , this is very cheap :p

I am busy with work lately and came back most of the time T.I.R.E.D ....LOL!  So all I do is chuck the seasoned tilapia fillets into the oven and baked them together with rosemary infused olive oil, sprinkle some italian herbs and ground black pepper...that's it ...veggie and fish at one go and eat with hot rice.....yummy ! and save washing up too...just two plates and one baking tray :p  Lazy me...this is how I eat simple ! Oh , I missed out the most important dressing for this baked fish. Balsamic Vinegar...pour over the fish when it is out of the oven....YUMMY with the balsamic vinegar and I can't do without it :p  Besides wasabi , balsamic vinegar is a must have in the fridge :)

Enjoy and have a great day !


  1. This is a very healthy home cooked meal. I like the simple method. Suits our busy life. :P

  2. Fish is getting too expensive these days. Bawak putih(pek chio), I saw that day RM45 a kilo. Pengsan! Cheaper there?

  3. What a lovely homecooked meal. It goes together quickly and it is a perfect way to end a busy day. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  4. hi elin, i only know to steam my tilapia with bean sauce. would love to try this version too!

  5. Stumbling upon so many nice asparagus recipe make me wish for more asparagus season :)


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