Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Corn Carrot And Tofu Soup

Chinese must have soup for their meals but sometimes I am  too lazy to cook for the two of us but at times I will too diligent and will take the trouble to cook a more time consuming soup for us. This soup is delicious...natural sweetness from the corn, carrot and the wolfberries and of course chicken broth that took 1 hour of slow simmering.  All you have to do is to add in the fresh sweet corn , carrots, wolfberries and the crab filament and tofu.  This combination will give you the most satisfying soup ever. 

The sweet corn makes the soup aromatic and the wolfberries add some herbal aroma to it .  Serve this hot and everyone will love it for sure.  The sweet corn still has the sweetness despite being boiled in the soup for a period of time.  I heart this soup and even though it takes a while to cook this, it was still worth the trouble. I will boil the chicken broth first and that takes about an hour , the rest takes about just another 30 minutes to soften and it will be ready to be served for your dinner or lunch.   Healthy and lovely soup.  Good for the soul after a hard day work :)

Corn Carrot And Tofu Soup

Chicken broth

1/2 chicken - remove skin
2 litres water
3 tbsp of wolfberries

Boil the above ingredients for 1 hour under medium low heat .  Sieve the soup into another clean pot. 

Ingredients for the soup

2 carrots - cut into thick slices
2 piece of firm tofu - quatered
2 crab filaments- cut into 1" pieces
1 sweet corn - cut into 4 pieces
sea salt to taste


Put the soup to boil at medium heat . Add in cut carrots and corns and boil till cooked and soften. Add in sea salt to taste , crab filaments and tofu. When the crab filament are cooked . Shake white pepper to the soup * optional and serve hot.

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  1. long as it's clear soup, I like... The corn would definitely make it so much sweeter.

  2. Looks so healthy. Loving the corn on the cob!

  3. This is light and refreshing. Put up your legs and enjoy!

  4. Hubby has been requesting more clear soups lately. That's true that corn and carrot makes a good combination.


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