Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kimchi Fried Rice With Jalapeno

You must be wondering what I do with the Kimchi that I made some weeks ago . Well ,besides taking it as a side condiment, I used some for making kimchi fried rice for our dinner.  I have been very busy with work lately...many on-going projects and sometimes I wish I could just walk out and call it quit !  Life has to go on and after a hectic day, come home and eat simple that means cook dish washing kind of meal :p  Well, this is what I cooked with the kimchi....simply fry rice with it and lots of spring onions/scallions....added some crab filaments and throw in some jalapeno for something hot and spicy !  This Kimchi sure comes in handy :)

Jalapeno is a chilli pepper with a warm , burning sensation when eaten...goes well with this fried rice. I bought some for stuffing actually . Love the taste of this chili pepper.  It is more fragrant than the local green chilli. It helps spiced up the kimchi rice and WB had a great meal time chomping down this flavorful fried rice.  I will have to make another load of kimchi soon coz the other load is fast finishing. Wild Boar has taken a liking to my homemade ones and I am kind of surprised too that he ate then as condiment...mmmm he is becoming more like me....can't blame him facing me for almost 30 years.  Either I will be like him or he will be like me. It is not a bad thing that he is like me...agree with me LOL! I shall tell you why is a good thing...he is learning to take over the wok it means I can rest and put up my legs and enjoy a good meal * wink * after a hard day at work . 

I wanted to add in some shrimps but on second thoughts , added in crab filaments instead. Have to use up those left in the freezer for it has been in the freezer for a while ( too greedy, bought a kg of them ) , add in lots of cut spring does add extra flavor to the rice though . 


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  1. I tried this in Korea.. this one i can skip.. hehee... but i bet you will enjoy Korea very much, Elin.. your favourite are all there!

  2. Elin, I love your Kimchi fried rice best come with kimchi soup! ;DD

  3. I'm abit out when come to kimchi, find the taste alittle wierd...haha! But your version of fried rice gave me some idea with some other flavours...;p

  4. this makes me salivating..sure this gives you ummph with that jalapenos! hey, take it easy, i can understnd sometimes it can be so tiring at the end of a works day..never mind, just ask mr wild boar to takeover your wok and spatula temporary!

  5. I had something like this yesterday :)

  6. Elin, I've tag u in an Easter Game @ 5 Recipes To Celebrate Easter!! Pls come & join in the party :)
    Happy Easter!


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