Monday, April 4, 2011

Maggi Noodle Aglio Olio Style And Pan Seared Salmon

Most of the time I will looking for something light and easy and of course meals that are simple to prepare  for the two of us  :p   Looking through the fridge , found 2 slices of salmon in the freezer. I love to hoard salmon in the freezer LOL! cos I am a lover of salmon .  Each time I visit the market, I will buy a piece or two for keeping so that when the craze is there, I can have them for my dinner :)  Being lazy the weekend Sunday , I cook Aglio Olio with Maggi dried noodles and pan fried salmon as a side dish for it.  I love to cook pasta Aglio Olio style thus I used Maggi dried noodle instead and I tell you it tasted  GOOD !

The secret is to have lots of garlic and herbs and it is so versatile that you can add in anything you want -dried tomatoes, chilli and bacon bits and of course not to forget black pepper and olive oil.  Yummy is the word and surpringly Maggi dried noodle taste good cooked in these style.  I prefer pasta cooked in Aglio Olio style than in red and white sauce.  Simple yet delicious and of course not time consuming is you are having a tight work schedule or tired after a hard day work.

Awww.... salmon is my favourite fish and I normally pan seared them or cooked them en papilotte....I heart this fish and I am most happy having the whole slice to myself :)) If you ask me what makes me happy ...this meal is what makes me happy.   Flavorful and nutritious !

I have something for you that is
heavenly and yet sinfully delicious
at Elinluv's Sweet Delights

Enjoy and have a great Monday :)

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  1. The aglio olio with maggie noodles sounds special.

  2. Trust you to make something so healthy out of instant noodle hahahah :D Yummm

  3. This is interesting using Maggie noodle as pasta. I must try this soon :)

  4. this is a really good idea !! Perhaps I shall do this one day .... yes indeed ... :)

  5. Little Inbox....yea do try is good :)

    Kathy...yea healthier than using their msg seasoning. Light and easy :) is and I seldom use their seasoning :p try this...but remember what I taught you , never use their msg seasoning...make your own soup base if you like :) Muax

  6. Looks good. If only my missus can be so creative...and not cook the same things all the time. Zzzzzzz!!!

  7. yes, I love salmon! Didn't know Maggi dried looks fabulous!

  8. Arthur....I have no choice...coz I love recipe books and if I don't cook but just flipping thru the pages the Wild Boar will OINK till the day I expired...get what I mean ??? So have to show WB I cook lo to justify those stacks and stacks of books ! too...salmon salmon all my life :) Maggi instant dried noodles are made by Nestle company :) Took the noodles and threw away their soup seasoning. I can't stand msg :p

  9. Know this will make me sound like a novice but do you actually blanch the noodles slightly first?

    Or just straight to wok aglio olio?

  10. I liek how you fused a western technique into a more local noodle (: i did this with glass noodles a while ago, adding pesto to it!


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