Friday, April 8, 2011

Taro Fish Soup

Taro or Yam is of one of  my favorite root veggie and I cook this very often in various style . Some of you may not have tried this Taro Fish Soup but I can tell you that it is super duper delicious...natural sweetness and with the leek and spring onions and coriander leaves added...I would say this taro fish soup is ideal as a soup or a soup base for noodles or vermicelli.  I am sure many would love this sweet scented soup and it is protein rich , good for the young especially :)   Many of you would think this " what ?? Taro Fish Soup using fish stock ? "  Well let me share with you won't be fishy scented  if you know how to do it :)  This is my mom's favorite soup and I am so blessed, each time she cooked this , I was the busy body standing and watching her do it....a glutton even at a young age . And I asked her  this " when can we eat this ?  "  ..........

All you need is a big fish head or whenever you ask the fishmonger to fillet your fish , keep the bones and
fish head..that is what I normally do.  Boil fish stock with the head and bone parts of the fish with a thumb sized old ginger and  1 tsp of white pepper powder .  You can prepare this a day before .


What I do is , I fill up a medium size soup pot 3/4 full with water and boil till it is at a rolling boil   , add in the fish head and bones plus the old ginger and white pepper and continue to simmer under low heat for an hour or more.  Off the heat and sieve the fish stock into another clean soup pot.  Continue to boil the fish stock till it boils under medium high heat , add in the chunks of taro and reduce the heat and slowly simmer till the taro is soft, add in sea salt to taste and add in the leeks and when the leeks are cooked, add in the spring onions and coriander leaves. Dish up and serve hot.  The old ginger and white pepper will remove the fishy smell from the fish you a sweet sea scent and you can add in fried bean curd sheet in if you like but only add in when you are ready to eat .

Enjoy and have a lovely weekend :)


  1. somethingn new to me. Should be nice

  2. Looks like bit like a traditional CNY dish on my hokkien hubby's side, "Orr Ee". The taro is kneaded with tapioca starch, shaped like a thick rod and steamed, then sliced to cook with a similiar soup with leeks.

  3. Saw this soup recipe in a bookshop lately, and I actually bought that book!..heehee! But I still consider to cook or not, wonder how's the taste..;p But with your comment here, I think I should try..:D

  4. Elin, This looks very delicious with taro in it and my hubby loves taro a lot. I'm to make this soup to make him happy ;DD Thanks for sharing :)

  5. sounds delicious, another great recipe with taros!

  6. Oh I like this a lot... the taro...mmmm... this sounds fabulous!!

  7. Arthur...:) it guess it is oky to have a thicker consistency :)

    Kathy...of course it is but remember put in a bigger piece of ginger :)

    Wendy...something like that but in this case the taro is not mix with tapioca starch :)

    Reese....oh I have seen this in book must have missed it :) you must try this out then since book has the recipe like mine :)

    Anncoo...then you must really make this soup for your hubby :)

    Lena...yes it is nice cooked this way...taro is such a versatile root veggie :)

    Kate...this is a nice try this out :)

  8. I must try it one day. Looks yummy!


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