Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ketupat Daun Palas/ Palm Leaves Glutinous Rice Cake

This is something I am shameful to announce :( ….I have never eaten a Ketupat Daun Palas / Palm Leaves Glutinous Rice Cake before in my whole life, being a Malaysian until yesterday and it was the first time I tried it ! Even though I have worked with my Muslim colleagues for almost 3 decades… (ouch..I am ancient ) and yet have never eaten one! My muslim colleagues will bring to the office every year after their celebration of Hari Raya and each time I will give it a miss (",)

My architect boss went to Kelantan ( a coastal State of Malaysia) with a few of his men to survey some old antique buildings and they brought home these Ketupat Daun Palas , famous local delicacy of the Kelantan state and the pride of the Kelantanese…and this time round, I told myself I must try this original ones…after all it’s just glutinous rice inside the triangle shaped parcel. What is the fuss? :P And I am so glad that I did not give it a miss :) It was good and to my surprise it was almost like our chinese rice dumpling! 0 0

These little triangle parcels of glutinous rice were indeed well done, the glutinous rice was compact , neither too soft nor hard, the taste was even more fantastic…has the right amount of salt and the right amount of coconut milk and the mild palm leaves scent in the glutinous rice makes the rice very fragrant , when dipped into the coconut sugar syrup ( locally known as Gula Melaka ) it was yummy…the whole parcel of triangle rice tasted wonderfully good…awww…I am glad I tried them out. I took a bundle of four back for Daddy to try out :)) but he doesn’t quite like it though. So I ended having to finish the whole lot :P What a glutton…this Momsie has become! Gluttony is a sin :)) but for food gluttony...I think it's okay...heehee..

the leaves are folded into triangle casing and it is
not easy to fold, it needs skill to do it or the rice will fall out

undressing the glutinous rice cake :)

....a well done one, compact yet soft
the mild scent of the palm leaves adds flavor to the rice cake

undressed and ready to be dipped in the coconut sugar syrup

I am glad I didn't give it a was a good tasty piece of
glutinous rice cake in triangle parcel



  1. it looks almost exactly alike to our zhong-zi but the ingredients are very cool! coconut milk? are there savory kinds also?

  2. wow! it's not easy to tie the leaves tightly. you really have the skills.. Hope some day I'll learn how.. =)

  3. I've not even SEEN this before, even though I'm also a malaysian. LOL! Looks yummy though...

  4. Very exotic to me, but the idea is amazing. I wonder what the flavor of palm leaves is like? The end result looks simply beautiful.

  5. No fillings inside the KDPs? They really look like our Chinese zongzi^_^

  6. This looks super delicious! And I can't get over how great the pictures are for this post (and all over this blog). And I love how great the syrup is from just looking at the ingredients.

  7. Tq for visiting my blog Elin. :) u have a lovely blog and yes the ketupat is very yummy isnt it? if there is one thing ill never learn is how to make ketupat. m hopeless with all those leaf foldings.

  8. Elin,

    I need help. How come your sushi turned out so nice? Mine looks like this:

    Also, can please elaborate on how you do the omelette? Cannot imagine...

    Thanks a million!

  9. @ Pearl: looks like but the taste is different...there is coconut milk in the rice :) Original ones has no fillings, just plain but people are quite creative now so they add some beef jerks or sweet fillings in:)

    @ tracieMoo : Hi Tracie, yup, you nid skill to be able to flow it the right way :)

    @ Piggy : Hi Piggy, sshhhh...we should have kept it a secret..LOL! Yup it is ' lemak ' and fragrant...oni the ones from Kelantan is nice :)

    @ CaptnRache : Haha, mmm it is nice pleasant aroma...sorry, I wish I know how to describe the aroma to you..:)

    @ Kenny : the original has no fillings in it. Nowadays ,they do have some savoury and sweet fillings but the plain ones are the best :)

    @ Kamran Siddiqi : Thanks for your kind words :)) the syruppy dips complement the rice :)

    @ Zurin : Thanks for dropping by. Ya , imagine how much I had missed !! I do enjoy your blog and I have bookmarked a few dishes..haha salivating now thinking of those delicious dishes on your blog :P

  10. Hi Quinn,

    Haha...making sushi needs a lot of practice. I went to peep at yours..and if I am not mistaken your rice looks soft - it should be a bit harder in texture (lesser water when u cook the rice) And you need to roll it tighter with the maki mat and press it harder. Practice make perfect :)

    Regarding the making of tamago ( egg omelette ) go watch this U-tube demo..then you can understand
    better :)

    let me know if you still have problem understanding it.

  11. That video is clear enough but I swear I'll not make it. With that amount of oil and effort, maybe next time. Thanks anyway Elin!

  12. Dear Quinn,

    Haha i recommeded u the lijnk is for u to see how they fold the omelette but you can use a non-stick pan and little olive oil to make them...actually it is not oily at oil :)))

  13. I want these! They remind me of Filipino suman, although our version is shaped like a cigar and I think banana leaves are used and it's dipped with sugar. Mmmmm!


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