Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Nori Meat Roll

Thinking what to cook for dinner is worse than having to decide which pair of shoes to buy…the thingis ….. I have a long list of new dishes I wanna try out. Haha, and each is unique and looks good :) So ,eventually I settled for this nori meat rolls, I tweak it abit and added some salted duck egg yolk to the mince meat. was good, the taste of golden yolk bits in the mince meat was fantastic. Added on with the noticeable scent of nori sheet gave the rolls the perfect taste of the east. A marriage of Chinese and Japanese. Serve it with Japanese mayo and wasabi if you like…tasted deliciously good and I will definitely make this again when my Piggies come home. You can make these rolls for parties as finger food....yummm!

This is the most tricky part…but after a few tries you can make a perfect roll…practice makes perfect :p Make sure the fire is medium low and keep turning them becoz the bread crumbs burnt easily and the meat takes a bit longer to get cook. :)) hard work always pays off...delicious rolls to satiate our hunger pangs!

golden goodness to delight us...the aroma will
make the stomach growls and the saliva glands to act faster

some are a bit burnt but tasted good just the same :)
squirt some japanese mayo and chilli sauce on top :0

do you see the golden bits of duck yolk in the roll?

Add some wasabi to give the extra oomph
I eat everything with wasabi ...and my Piggies,
if they are reading this now
their heads will be in motion :))))))

Nori Meat Rolls


300 gms of minced pork/chicken

2 salted duck yolks – chopped into bits size
½ salted duck egg white – keep the rest of the whites for making soup
dash of white pepper
1.5 tbsp of corn flour
1 egg

some bread crumbs for coating
nori sheet cut into long strips- enough to cover the meat
oil for deep frying

Mix the above ingredient A together with the minced pork/chicken till well combined.

Scoop up a tablespoon of the minced meat mixture and lightly shaped into a roll, wrap around it with a nori sheet . Coat with the bread crumbs and put into the hot oil and deep fry till light golden brown. Take out the rolls and drained off the oil in paper towels.

Serve with Japanese mayo or wasabi.

Enjoy and have a delicious day!



  1. wow! with salted duck yolks. I love wasabi alot too! This is indeed very special dish..

  2. Wow, what an innovative dish!!

  3. This is really a good finger food. I know I can take lots of it. Haha...

  4. oh that is a very interesting dish!

  5. Hi Tracie, Kenny, Little Inbox and Pearl,

    Yup, yup it is quite an interesting finger food and most people will love it. Hope you will try it out :P

    Thanks for dropping me a line here. Your comments has encouraged me further :)

    Ayez un beau jour !


  6. That is a very creative recipe; I will try it very soon!

  7. Hi Mathilde,

    I hope you will like it too :) Thanks for dropping a line here.


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