Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tofu With Sizzled Soy Sauce Garlic Oil

Tofu….mmmmmmm I love tofu , plain or with toppings! I can have the whole piece all to myself especially if it is prepared this way. Chopped some garlic and make garlic oil by frying the chopped garlic till lightly brown. Add in some light soy sauce while the oil is hot …the sizzling sound plus the aroma of fried garlic was enough to set my saliva glands in motion. Pour the hot garlic oil dressing on to the hot tofu…wow, what a simple and easy to make delicious tofu dish.

this is so simple to prepare......a delight to eat too :)))

it tastes wonderful..the aroma of garlic oil and sizzled soy sauce
blends well....yummy

the tofu was silky and every mouthful was like
eating a savoury dessert...haha

Healthy and delicious at the same time!



  1. My sort of dish, I absolutely love this!! :) Thank you for sharing :))

  2. Looks Awesome! Thank! I think you might like this Chicken Red Curry dish! Check it out Enjoy, Cameron

  3. this looks good and I am not keen on tofu lol

  4. I love this dish too, simple but delicious. You have reminded me that it is time to cook this again. :)

  5. Hello Elin, I have passed you an award. Do check my blog for it when you're free okay? =)

  6. mmmmmmm u make it sound soooo GOOD! Im going to make this. I am nt crazy bout tofu but im definitely trying this dish..soo easy...i mite be a changed person for good.

  7. Looks delicious & yummy with the garlic oil & soy sauce! :)

  8. I must admit....I am afraid of Tofu. I have tried it once in college....I have never tried to use it again..
    But this is inspiring me

  9. Hey Elin, are you started dinner without me?!!

  10. @Christelle: You are welcome :)

    @ The Wilsons: Yes, your chicken red curry dish looks appetizing..yumm thanks for sharing!

    @ Chow and Chatter : :) hope one day will like it :)

    @ Little Inbox : Most of us will love this dish..simple and delicious of course for those who love tofu!

    @ Soo Sean : I am sure you will love this dish especially you have not touched it for a while :p

    @ TracieMoo : Thanks once again for the really motivated me to write and bake more..Thanks!

    @ Zurin : Yup , tofu will make a person happy...I dun know why.

    @ MH : Yup it is delicious..with those awsome dressing..they both blend well!

    @ Miranda : Hi Miranda, I hope u will want to try again.

    @ My little space : It 's all in my tummy waiting to be disposed off :)

  11. this definitely looks yum. gonna try this. my mum made another version of this with loads of mince pork...

  12. Hi Cindy,
    Tofu eaten just with the sizzled soy sauce garlic oil is great. Sizzled soy sauce tastes much better than just pouring the soy sauce from the bottle to the tofu. Try it , am sure you will love it! :)

  13. Anything with tofu and garlic must be awesome!


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