Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Snails Delight

I have never seen this kind of snails being sold at the wet market before. I was at the seafood section last Saturday , when I spotted this beautiful snails. I asked the lady what is the name of these snails. She just shrugged her shoulders and told me in Chinese ‘ fa loh ’ . I shot a few questions at her ..she just told me this.. “ this is very delicious if you cook them with fermented soybeans and lots of chillies and garlic ” . " Cook like you cook the sea clams ‘ la la ’ " and she added " not often you get to buy this coz it is very rare…seldom you see it in the market nowadays ”…...wow , that was sales talk ???

they look beautiful... like those sea shells we used to collect
from the beach...beautiful spots on their shells :)

1000 grammes cost RM8 only..cheap rite? :))))

Whatever it is , I bought 1000 grammes back ..just to satisfy my curiousity :) No regrets , it tasted good, crunchy texture and easy to take out the meat from the shell too…just use a toothpick , easy as ABC. But you have to have a thick sauce to go with the snails. You need to coat the snail meat with the thick spicy , garlicky sauce before you eat them…..I regretted not buying more since we hardly see them in the market. Could it be they have exported it out to France ??? :P Hmmmm.. I will definitely buy them again , my next trip to the market :p I would appreciate it if someone can tell me the name of this snail…..some friends told me they are apple snails but when I searched the internet, the apple snails doesn’t look like this at all. :)))

Tasty if cooked this way, with lots of garlic, chillies
and fermented beans ' tau cheong' in Chinese

Yummmm..... I can't wait for Saturday to come by quick :p

Snails With Spicy Garlicky Fermented Bean Sauce


1 kilogramme of snails- soaked and wash clean the snails, drained

ground chillies – to your taste , add more if you want it more spicy
4 tbsp of fermented soy bean
6 pips of garlic – finely chopped

3 tbsp of olive oil
½ cup water


Stir fry all the chillies, garlic and fermented bean with the olive oil in a wok till fragrant. Add in the snails and stir fry till well mixed. Add in the water and cover with a lid. The time taken to cook this is the same as the time taken to cook the sea clams ‘ la la ’. Dish up and serve with rice or eaten alone as appetizer.




  1. I just saw snail on TV last night...I have never tried them...I would though.

    Surejell is easy to find it is usually found in the baking aisle. It just helps the peaches turn into jam. It actually even has sugar free...so you do not have to add sugar.

    I hope you try it. Let me know and if you have any more questions do not hesitate to ask.

    By the way, I am adding you to my blog list...I enjoy your site.

  2. looks tasty :)
    never had them cooked that way :)

  3. I remember eating these snails when I was a kid. It's very tasty indeed!

  4. you managed to find snails in Ipoh?!
    that's cool. even in restaurants we dun see them being served often.

  5. Elin, I like Fa Loh too! There's a very popular fa loh dish in HK which is cooked with Chi wine + lots of chilies & garlic!

  6. I never took this snail before, but I remember my mom cooked it when I was a kid. I just play with the shells, :P

  7. I never see it in wet market.
    You stay in Ipoh? Which wet market do you go?

  8. somehow your snails don't look so "unedible" (if you know what i mean) like those from the restaurants. they look much "prettier" and very artsy too ....

  9. @ Miranda : Will try looking for them...so I can do without the sugar if I use surejell ? I will try it out when I get the fresh peaches and will surely post it up :))

    Oh...so nice and kind of you to add me to your blog list...thanks :)

    @ Christelle : Yup it's tasty and if you get snails over at your end, do try cooking them this way...delicious! :))

    @ Piggy : That's what the lady told me...rare nowadays...so lucky I spotted them at the wet market :)

    @ J2Kfm : Haha, yup in Ipoh. Guess I am the lucky one...one in a million...even restaurants do not have them in their menu...coz it is rare nowadays.

    @ Kenny T : Hi Kenny, HK is seafood paradise...name it and you have it in HK...one day I will definitely want to visit HK and eat those scrumptious seafood :) This lsnails goes well with lots of chillies and garlic and wine :))

    @ Little Inbox : It is rare nowadays so I was lucky that day..the flesh so much thicken than those thorny snails. I wish they are in season now....so get to eat some more :)))

    @ soo sean : You from Ipoh too like J2Kfm ? Haha I bought those snails from the central wet market in town...opp Yik Foong Complex..seafood section.

  10. Hi Skinnymum :)

    Thanks...hehe they look appetizing even before you cook them...I was attracted by their beautiful shells..love at first sight! :p and when you eat them...truly heaven...so scrumptious :)))

  11. Yes, I am from Ipoh, but working in Penang. Going back to Ipoh during weekend once a month.

  12. That's a great buy! and it looks darn tasty!

  13. @ Soo Sean: Wow, working in Penang..another food paradise :)

    @ pigpigscorner: haha..cheap for such rare snails...a good buy indeed:)

  14. I only eat the snails when I visit my Mom in hawaii. Yum!!!!

  15. Hi Tien,

    Haha...at least you have tried eating this..it was my first try.

  16. @ Chow & Chatter : Thanks for dropping by :)

  17. I've had snails just one time - I enjoyed the experience but I simply don't see them on many menus. I'd love to try this!


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