Thursday, July 30, 2009

Turkey Ham Sandwich

Dinners lately have been simple affairs ,since I am hooked on the new drama series ?? Of course not, juz that lately I have been too lazy to cook anything fanciful or dishes that is time consuming. Daddy agrees that since cooking something elaborate takes up too much time and the washing up after dinner…let it be simple. Whew…how I love to hear that . He is a bit lazy of late too :p . I do the cooking and he does the washing up…fair isn’t it ;p

So that explained it…the simple dinner we had last nite was juz Turkey Ham Sandwich and tin mushroom soup…can? I was too lazy to make my own fresh mushroom soup…ohh what has become of me… I guess it’s the idiot box’s fault ! :p :) There is a Chinese saying that “ if a cow does not want to drink water, you can’t push his head now ”. Frankly speaking, I love eating this way…healthy and time saving. So if you are not in the mood to cook and wants something simple yet healthy, this is it. Turkey Ham Sandwich – sit in front of the idiot box with a bowl of hot mushroom soup is so relaxing for the soul. Blissful indeed ! :)) I have lots of excuses when it comes to cooking simple but fact remains…the big boss of the house must agree to simple dinner ! :)

slices of turkey ham sandwiched between lettuce ,tomatoes
and cheddar cheese...simple yet delicious & healthy

complement well with japanese mayo and chilli sauce tasty okay,
finished off with green apples for dessert :)

Food is the most primitive form of comfort.

~ Sheila Graham ~



  1. Hey Elin, there's another Chinese old saying that goes like this: 小別勝新婚 "taking a short break is better than a new marriage", so I'm sure many other fantastic ideas will pop up in your mind and we'll see lots of fancy dishes that you're going to create/make. Btw, this Turkey Ham Sandwich looks healthy, yummy and simple. Like what Nigella always says, "simplicity is deliciousness", the piggies must love it, ^^. Have a good day!

  2. I guess most momsie are the same...he he! Unfortunately, my hubby is the traditional type. He has to take rice evey single day. Sorry, NO WESTERN food for my man!Luckily, my kids are like me...we eat anything....ha ha!

  3. this sandwhich of yours are so attractive and so full of deisre, I will just eat it! :)

  4. I absolutely love simple sandwich with great veggies...
    I grew up on grilled ham and cheese sandwich with a huge slice of garden grew tomato....


  5. This is what I will make for Carlos on lazy days and especially in this hot summer weather. Just don't feel like churning up the stove and hot oven.

  6. Sometimes, it's good to have something light. Don't you agree?

  7. Who can resist?!

  8. That Japanese mayo and chili sauce make this so tempting! There's nothing better than a hearty sandwich with tasty condiments.

  9. @ Kenny : Hi Kenny, thanks for your encouragement...gambate I will..haha the break did me good, the mind is refreshed..stay tuned for the next project...Lorainne Quiche this week end! Fingers crossed :)

    @ My Little Space : Hah I guess 90%of asian are rice taker. We are one of those 10% that likes western food :)

    @ BBO : Hi, haha camera is just a simple sandwich...when laziness takes control :p

    @ Miranda : Hi Miranda,me too, loves sandwiches, easy and light and delicious too :)

    @ ICook4Fun : Hi Gert, same same over here..where the weather is forever summer...just don't feel like cooking or baking :))

    @ Little Inbox : Haha..yup I agree, we can't be consuming heavy meal each time we eat. Like and easy will be my theme from now until the Piggies are back:))

    @ Mathildescuisine : Hi Mathilde, yup ,it is too good to resists. Will be trying out your Lorainne Quiche this weekend. Hope it will turn out nice like yours :)

    @ Cookin' Canuck : Oh yesss..the Japanese mayo and chilli makes the Turkey Ham sandwich more flavorful and tasty.


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