Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Corned Beef On Toast

I came home late from work yesterday and I thought we will eat out but to my surprised Daddy had prepared something delicious and it was Corned Beef stir-fried with mixed vegetables ,red onions and some red chillies. What a wonderful surprise! Isn’t it wonderful that at times the boss of the house takes over the wokking? :P

So, we had corned beef with baguettes. I bought the frozen baguettes last Saturday from Intrico, a shop that sells all baking products . A light and simple dinner for a change , after all I was too tired to go out or cook anything for us. It was a wonderful dinner…a time of exchanging news and a time of debate….haha over News topic! No debate no fun :p :)) This is what makes the marriage last.....lotz of good homecooked food and lotz of debate over small things :p

Since I don’t have to cook I have plenty of time and energy to do some photo shootings of the baguettes with corned beef :)) and posted it up here for my Piggies to see what their dad had cooked for their Momsie ^ * I am sure they will go ooos and aarrrs :) This is so much better than their hostel food :P

cut the baguette into slices, dribble olive oil on the surface
and sprinkle dried rosemary on it and baked for 8 minutes

topped them up with the stir fried corned beef
with mixed vegetables, onions and chillies

the rose was from the garden :p

Daddy's favourite food....Libby's Corned Beef
he cooked the corned beef and I served it with toasted baguette

I topped some with mozzarella cheese and it was yum....

dinner was just these slices of goodness

Thanks Daddy for such a wonderful and delicious dinner!



  1. 1st to comment !!!

    OOOOH corned beef is the best memory of me childhood !!!! Loves much ! *Goes hunting for onions and capsicums n chillis

    Great pics btw. Don't tell the bro. He'll be JEALOUS

  2. A very versatile recipe, I like it! And congratulations for the pictures, they are beautiful

  3. Very delicious appetizer! I think it's good to serve as a main course too!

  4. What a sweet hub you have!! n the corned beef is to die for...

  5. Hi Elin, 1st of all thank you so much for the visit and nice to meet you too! Had never thought of making new friends over blogging. Actually, I'm still very very new to all of these. Like starting from standard one, ha ha!! I've no idea how I started all these without knowing a single thing about it! Sounds crazy, huh! Luckily, I'm still very much interested in learning new things. Never give up! Sometimes, I even stayed untill late at night. And my husband starts bla..bla...Well, have fun!

  6. @ Joanna : Thanks...I love food photo shooting ..haha shhhhhh ur bro will envy me ! Student better than the teacher :p

    @ Quinn : Haha..once in a while let him do the cooking :)

    @ mathildescuisine : Hi Mathilde, your kind words are truly encouraging! :)

    @ Kitchen Corner : Yes, the corned beef blend well with the rosemary herbs flavored slice of baguette. A good idea to serve as appetizer. I had them for dinner :p

    @ Zurin : Haha...dun let him hear that...I will have no room to walk! Coz his head will swell bigger heehee

    @ My Little Space: You are welcome. Dun wori you have us to support you when it comes to blogging . We will be your fans from now on...haha you have a great blog! Keep on blogging and will find joy in food blogging. And you too will get to know many friends all over the world. Sharing recipes and learning from each other :)))

    Btw thanks for being so supportive too! :)

  7. Hi Little Inbox : Haha..I am lucky once a while , most of the time he is the one lucky hahaha

  8. aww that's so sweet! I think I know what to cook for my hubs tonight!


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