Sunday, July 12, 2009

Squid Curry

Whenever there’s a curry dish for dinner, everyone in my family would be pleased especially Daddy :) I guess most Malaysian love hot and spiciness in their meals. But this Momsie is not good in cooking curries actually…okay only :P until I stumbled upon Zurin’s blog , Cherry On A Cake , her recipes are foolproof and to my utter delight, all my favourite malay dishes and famous malay cakes are found on her blog! And after reading through her blog, I ended up trying out her Fish Curry but I added squids as an alternatives. Well, it turned out delicious. A big thank you to Zurin for sharing out this wonderful curry recipe…it's my favourite….I love curries with tamarind paste in it…. Appetizing and not overbearing and it goes well with squids too. Needless to say, we had our tummies satisfactory filled :P

mmmmm...mouth-watering squid curry

first time cooking it.... look a bit watery though
but tasted good :)))

we had just this one dish for dinner
and our tummies were satisfactory filled :P

Click here for the recipe


Edited :
P/s This post made it to Foodbuzz Today's Top 9 ( 12th July, 2009):)))
Thank you for all the buzzes :))))


  1. Tamarind and Curry----I love both of these flavors. The addition of squid make this a winner for me. I'll have to give Kurin's recipe a try and see if the flavors hold up to the ingredients.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love this type of curry. Yum yum!

  3. wow looks better than mine! LOL..btw I wld like to try the choc swirl bread n I went to the japanese website to see the steps but it was like Whoa! ...i didnt see anything! cld you gv me the link to the exact page please? appreciate it very much..the bread looks gorgeous n my kids wl love it....just want t o know how exactly youre supposed to roll it up. thanx ;)

  4. Your creativity always amazes me....

  5. What an interesting mix! I have a pot of Taraming waiting for my cupboard that I will definitely use soon!

  6. this curry looks amazing it caught my eye on foodbuzz top 9! great job

  7. Just to let u know that I sent u an email :)

  8. @ The GourmetGirl : :) You are welcome and its the curry is really good...thumbs up. Do try it:)

    @ Little Inbox : Haha, yup I love it too...can eat 2 bowls of rice at one go :( waistline getting broader :0

    @ Zurin : I have e-mailed u the recipe and the method shown how to roll it :) I guess you have not open ur mail :))) Incase u did not received it I will send again. Pls let me know if you have received it.

    @ Miranda : Thanks...I am just learning to be a bit more versatile in my baking and cooking...thanks for the kind words ^ *

    @ Mathilde : Hope you will like it :)

    @ Chow & Chatter : Thanks for the congrats and friendship. And I look forward to more sharing with you :))


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