Friday, July 31, 2009

Fruits And Veggies Dipped In Fiery Rojak Sauce

We ate out last night , not that I like to eat out but once in a while I need to pamper myself , for once I was being served :p but came back looking for some dessert. I remembered Piggy Cuz gave us a bottle of homemade rojak sauce and it has been sitting in the fridge for a month , I think. So, I went to the fridge and rummaged for fruits or veggies that can be dipped with the sauce and hallelujah ! I found these ( mango, celery, yellow zucchini and ambarella aka as kedondong in local language ) in the fridge drawer and I cut them up and had a tongue searing hot session with the sauce. My goodness ! it was pungent hot but delicious at the same time. I dipped the fruits and veggies with the deliciously pungent hot sauce and Daddy was grumbling how hot the sauce was but I noticed that he ate them non-stop despite the fiery hotness :p and the whole lot was finished in less than half an hour…haha which Malaysian could resists such a wonderful and tongue searing hot rojak sauce. Thanks Piggy Cuz for those homemade Rojak Sauce. Of course, half way thru I had to rush for a glass for icy cold drink but it got worse, the tongue was like being set ablaze...that fiery ! Then I remembered some one once told me to gurgle with very warm water. It will reduce the fiery sensation on the tongue....:p ooppps I forgot about it so had to suffer a while :)

To Piggy Cuz,

Yup , I know you didn’t make them but your Twins ! You must ask her to share the recipe with you so that you can teach me how to make them:p

this homemade rojak sauce was pungent hot
only a true Malaysian can take the fiery hotness!

top: pungent hot homemade rojak sauce
top left: mango , yellow zucchini, raw celery
bottom: ambarella aka kedondong in the malay language

all these fruits and veggies were good for the gastro
after a scrumptious dinner :)

"There is no love sincerer than the love of food "

~ George Bernard Shaw ~



  1. I like to dip green mango with light soya sauce :-)
    I haven't tried Rojak yet...the more pungent, the better for me...I used to cook hot dishes, so hot that my husband had tears in eyes even just smelt them...and all the cats went to stay in the balcony all night ;-)

    Angie's Recipes

  2. oohhh I hope u get the recipe! love love rojak sauce. :P

  3. Hey Elin, you r making me mouth watering with all those fruits and rojak sauce! And yah, I get what Angie meant about those really hot aroma.

  4. Whoaaaaaa............ I gave you the rojak sauce a LONG time ago! Hahaha! Still tastes yummy, eh? I shall try to find out the recipe - IF/WHEN she's free! If the sauce is too fiery, add more sugar and cook the sauce again. Piggy Cuz

  5. I adore your recipes as always...

    You rock!!!

  6. @ Angie's Recipes : When I was younger I love green mango but now the teeth can't take the sourness, the nerves tingles ...I shivered thinking of it now...haha so I go for half-ripe mango to dip with rojak sauce ...the more pungent hot the better, it gives u the kicks :p

    @ Zurin : haha as soon as the cuz get hold of the recipe, I will post it up :)

    @ My Little Space : haha, I understand...this kind of rojak sure to make ur saliva glands in full action :)

    @ Piggy Cuz : Not that long, just a month ago but it is still good , still fresh but it too pungent. Remember to steal the recipe for me ya...haha :p

    @ Miranda : Thanks..I am blushing now :p


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