Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Streaky Bacon Fried Rice With Salted Egg Yolk

We have not had fried rice for quite a while now, so to make things easy, I decided to have fried rice for dinner. I ransacked the fridge to see what left overs there are in the fridge that can make a nice delicious appetizing fried rice. Hmmm just the two of us for dinner…a simple one dish meal will do :)) with a vege soup of course.

I have salted eggs , dried shrimps and some streaky bacon…yesss, I know that Daddy will surely love this…..salted egg yolk in fried rice!!! The fat from the bacon added extra flavor to the rice ….a yummilicious and appetizing fried rice no doubt. Since Daddy did not complain I guess he likes it :P , otherwise he would have said “ next time , please don’t cook this for me. I rather eat sandwiches if you want to have a simple meal ” Haha, most asian men are spoiled by their wives but of course some asian women are also spoiled especially when their hubbies are good cooks….agree with me ? :)))

I love fried rice coz it is versatile ,
you can have all your favourite
ingredients in it :)))

I love the salted egg yolk in the rice.....
the bacon and the duck egg yolk add extra flavor
to a simple rice dish :)) yumm

just look at the bits of bacon and salted egg yolk...mmmmm
one word yummilicious

the bits of hot chillies in the rice makes it
even more appetizing....

just testing out how it looks at this angle
I am bored, I have nothing to do.....
all work and no play make Elin a dull woman
so Elin plays with her cam :P

Streaky Bacon Fried Rice With Salted Duck Egg Yolk


4 bowls of cooked rice
1 tbsp of olive oil

1 salted egg yolk – coarsely chopped
3 pips of garlic- finely chopped
4 strips of streaky bacon – cut into small pieces
2 tbsp of dried shrimps –soaked and chopped fine
bird’s eye chillies – chopped fine *

salt & white pepper to taste


Lightly sauté the streaky bacon till fragrant. Dish up. Add in one tbsp of olive oil , sauté the dried shrimp and garlic together till the shrimps are properly cooked under medium heat, then add in the chopped salted egg yolk and stir fry till cooked. Add in the cooked rice and stir fry till the ingredients are well combined. Add in the chillies and the streaky bacon and continued to stir fry till the rice are practically jumping in the wok under high heat. Add salt and pepper to taste. Dish up and serve hot.



  1. Fried rice looks delicious....haven't had salted egg yolk for long time....

  2. I like to fry rice whenever I run out of idea what to cook.

  3. Elin,

    Just wondering what did you do with the salted egg whites.

    I always have that problem especially when I make steamed custard pau and mooncakes.

    Any idea how to make use of them instead of throwing???


  4. @ Angie Recipes: :) I love salted egg in rice, in crabs dishes and in congee.

    @ Little Inbox : Me too :P

    @ Quinn : Hi Quinn ,I used the whites for veg soup. The veg that I used that goes well with this whites is the Malabar Spinach = Saan Choy (cantonese) = Vietnamese Spinach. A slippery vegetable that is a bit slimy like okra. Hop over to this link to see the picture of Malabar Spinach. https://www.foodsubs.com/Greenckg.html

    Other than using them for soup, you can use them in congee...it makes congee more tasty :) Hope this info helps.

  5. The grainy salted egg yolk does wonder to the fried rice plus the additional bacon gives this fried rice more flavor.

  6. Dear Elin!
    Great recipe!
    Except for the different rice, it looks very Japanese (and Chinese), too!
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. I can imagine how flavourful the fried rice is.

  8. GOODNESS ME !!!!!!!!!! This looks utterly delectable

  9. My husband and I love fried rice and this recipe look phenomenal.
    Love your site. Good Cooking.

  10. Fry rice with salted egg yolk? Never had this dish...and I love salted egg yolk, so I will definitely try this one. Great pictures...look really yummie!

  11. @ cklam : yuup the salted egg yolk and the bacon gave the rice the oomph :)

    @ shizuokagourmet: Dear Robert,this fried rice is fusion..east and west LOL! My pleasure to share the recipe :P

    @ pigpigscorner: Mmmm it's delicious..the salted yolk and bacon gave flavor to the rice...yum yum

    @ Joanna : Yo...I knew you will come by to slurp from your screen :) Will cook this style for you on your next trip back so meanwhile continue to drool from here..luv you..muax

    @ Miranda : Hi Miranda, thanks for your kind words. I feel very encouraged by it and hope you and hubby will love this fusion fried rice :)))

  12. Hi Juliana, if you love salted egg yolk then you will love this fusion fried rice :) it is the salted yolk that adds that extra oomph to the rice . Try it out...no regrets :)))

  13. Thanks Elin!
    I think the malabar spinach is what they termed as baby spinach here in Australia. It's selling for AUD15 per kg. Very expensive one! If you ever make the soup again, kindly post the recipe will you? Engineers can't cook without exact measurements, haha! Thanks!

  14. Hi Quinn,

    Okay, will cook it just for your sake..Lol! Are you sure it's baby spinach and cost AUD 15 per kg? Over here it is cheaper :)

  15. Now I have a serious craving for fried rice! This looks so delicious with that salted egg yolk - I'd better go check if I have any more left . . .!


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