Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Oriental Steamed Egg

It’s been quite a while since I last had steamed egg. It is simple and easy to prepare and yummilicious for those who love eggs. I used 3 types of eggs being duck egg , century egg and chicken egg . Though this is a high cholesterol dish , we do treat ourselves to it once in a blue moon :) In my household, the word moderation is practiced. My Piggies always make sure that the word moderation drums into my brain! And I remembered teaching them their ABC just like when ? 18 years ago ? Now, they are teaching me back… " moderation in whatever you do or eat , Mommy ! " .. * eye balls rolling back **

I steamed the eggs in this rice bowl
covered with the aluminium foil

fried garlic oil for garnishing mmmm.....
smooth egg texture

delicious century egg at the bottom

partial duck egg yolk found at the bottom..mmmm
yum yum

Oriental Steamed Egg


2 eggs
1 duck egg yolk – cut into 4 parts
1 century egg – cut into 4 parts
2 tbsp of minced meat * optional

300 ml chicken stock/( plain water - add a pinch of chicken granules )
½ tsp light soy sauce
dash of white pepper

4 pips of garlic- chopped finely
oil for frying


Whisked together 2 eggs with 300 ml chicken stock or plain water, ½ tsp light soy sauce and a dash of white pepper. Divide equally the minced meat , duck egg yolk and century egg into 2 rice bowls . Pour in the whisked egg mixture into the bowls. Cover with aluminium and steamed at low heat for 20 mins. While the steaming is in progress, saute the garlic till lightly brown. Take out and keep aside with 2 tbsp of the garlic oil. Garnish the steamed eggs with fried garlic and the oil . Served hot with rice.



  1. wow.. very yummy steam egg. I love to eat steam egg too! But coudn't make as good as your. You've done a good job!

  2. Steam eggs? Never had this way...looks delicious...great pictures.

  3. Ya, agreed! Moderation is very important.

  4. This is a surprising idea for us? very creative custard style with a savory finish. The century eggs may be a bit difficult to find? but we can work with that? we love it. Thanks, s

  5. i;m going to try this. i never make my own except reminiscing my mum's version. thanks for the recipe...

  6. @ Kitchen Corner : Hi Grace ,thanks. I learned from Gert of ICook4Fun . Tip is steam over low heat for 20 mins. It will come out smooth :))

    @ Juliana : Thanks :)

    @ Little Inbox : Haha,my brain has been drummed with moderation in everything , day in day out , so now have to take everything in moderation :))

    @ s.stockwell : Hi S.S. you are welcome :)

    @ Cindy Khor : Hi Cindy, you are welcome. Remember steam over low heat for just 20 mins, and you get a smooth a perfect steamed egg :)))

  7. At first, I was expecting this to be a sweet custard but the century egg was a surprise! I'd love to try this as I still have a couple of pei dan but can I use a salted duck egg? Looks perfectly delicious!


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