Sunday, June 21, 2009


Happy Daddy's Day to all the dads reading my blog :))) For the Piggies clan, Daddy’s Day started yesterday with Momsie making sushi for Daddy…not that he loves sushi but he doesn’t mind eating homemade ones…so I the opportunist told the Daddy that I am going to celebrate a day earlier for him…making sushi for him…see , told ya that I am an opportunist! :P I enjoyed making them coz I love the beautiful colors of sushi! I couldn’t take much photos becoz my hands were too messy to hold the cam…:( by the time I finished making them, I was too tired to take any photos…haha otherwise I will be crazy shooting them :P

This time round, I tried making them with mango and turned them into fruit sushi :) Homemade ones are more versatile…can use any ingredients and stuff them up and it still taste good with wasabi and my pickled ginger.

not actually neatly done but yummy no doubt

can you guess what is inside it :)

trying to do better each skills in making them sucks
clumsily done alrite but taste good though...haha
so far no complain from I guess it was good (",)

I made an assortment of sushi but alas
no culinary skills..... :(
this set of sushi for Piggy cousin

Link to my first sushi attempt :)

Happy Father's Day to all Dads 

Cooking a nice dinner tonite for him...stay tuned!


  1. yay !!! first to comment. THese look absolutely scrumptious ! cant wait to try them out :P

  2. Your sushi is very creative. :)

  3. The combination of colors make your home made sushi looks so tempting.

  4. @ Joanna : Piggy gal Oink oink...cum back and have your bite ^ *

    @ soo sean : :) thanks

    @ Pearl : :) thanks

    @ Little Inbox : haha yup food looks attractive with colors :)

  5. I made sushi too...I made tempura shrimp rolls and california rolls. These look amazing. Great Job!!!!!

  6. Hi Miranda,
    You did a great job yourself. Thanks for sharing the tempura shrimp recipe. Will try it out the next time I make sushi. Good idea to use soda water instead of water. It definitely add crunch to it. Thanks :)

  7. i love idako sushi (octopus), love the color, the texture and the sweet taste of it... unfortunately i can't seem to get it here in uk. therefore i always stick to just salmon, cucumber, eggs and prawns while making sushi

  8. Hi Cindy :)

    Me too, I must have idako everytime I made these sushi. Too bad you can't get them in UK :(

    As long as there is wasabi, ingredients will do :P

  9. I just made my first sushi last week, and It was very successful, so I am l;ooking for ideas for the types of sushi now :) I love the idea of fruit sushis :)
    (another blog I have to write, crazy, I need two lifetimes to blog, do you have the same problem?)

  10. I want to make homemade sushi, among so many other things! These look fantastic - Daddy must have been quite pleased with these!


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