Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mango With Honey Sauce Dipping

Its mango season and you see lots of this fruit in the market, fruits stall and the supermart fruit section…different varieties but I like the local mango…shaped like an apple and you can eat it ripe or half ripe with dipping sauce. I prefer it half ripe whereby the flesh is still hard and tangy. Don't judge the color of the mango and think it is over is not. The texture is still hard.... I love it half ripe :))) mmmmm....lots of vitamin C.

I love to make my own dipping sauce to eat with these half ripe goodness. The ingredients being honey, toasted shrimp paste/ belacan ( grind into powder ) dark shrimp paste ( hae ko in hokkien ) and some chopped bird eye chillies . Blend them together and you get a wonderful dipping sauce…..aromatic honey sauce and this snack is a favourite among the malaysian youngsters. Sprinkle some ground toasted peanuts and sesame seeds on top of the dipping sauce for extra flavor.

My Piggies always look forward to this. You can dip other fruits like apple, pineapple and veg like jicama and cucumber with this aromatic honey sauce.

mouthwatering local apple mango
with homemade aromatic honey sauce dipping

Mango With Aromatic Honey Dipping Sauce


3 half-ripe apple mango – peeled and cut into long strips

Ingredients for dipping sauce
1 thumb sized shrimp paste /belacan – toasted and grind into powder
3 tbsp dark shrimp paste/ hae ko – mixed with 1 tbsp of hot water
6 bird eye chillies – chopped fine
3 tbsp of honey

ground toasted peanuts
toasted white sesame seeds

Mixed together all the dipping sauce ingredients in a small bowl. Sprinkle ground toasted peanuts and sesame seeds on top for extra flavor.


Have a wonderful weekend with your family

Note: This morning, Piggy cousin gave me
a bottle of homemade " rojak "sauce
Will blog about it later :)))


  1. i adore this sauce. it reminds of the stall that sells fruit when i was little, dipping happily guava and mango into it.

    thanks for the recipe, gonna try this here. hopefully i could buy all the ingredients here.

  2. that looks super simple and delicious, as well as healthy, if you want unhealthy my suggestion would be add a little chocolate ganache to the honey sauce dipping ..but I think is nice as is why mess with it. have a nice weekend kisses :) xx

  3. I loves mangoes and so as the sauce... yummy! ^-^

  4. I love to eat mango with light soya sauce....spiced honey dipping sounds a very good alternative to enjoy mango!

  5. Elin, I gotta pack my stuff and fly to Malaysia right now for those sweet and juicy mangoes!

  6. That sounds like a tasty sauce for dipping mango into!

  7. @ Cindy Khor : :)) hope you love it...honey makes it taste better than the normal ' rojak sauce '.

    @ Ricardo : Hi Rico, er..I am not sure whether the shrimp paste goes well with the chocolate :P

    @ Food Paradise : Me too! I love mango with the sauce...mouthwatering :)

    @ Angie's Recipes : yup, hope you too will like it with honey!

    @ Kenny T : Now its mango and durian season over here....:)

    @ Kevin : Hi Kevin, honey and the shrimp paste goes well as a dipping sauce for fruits like firm mango and green apples !


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