Monday, June 8, 2009

Homecooked Clay Pot Crab Rice

Who doesn’t like seafood unless one has some allergies to it :) My Piggies has this allergies to crabs and shrimps when they were small. Their lips will swell and become red. But I continued to cook for them to eat :P Enjoy the seafood and suffer later….haha what a wicked Momsie ! :P They have to thank me for it , for their body system has got immune to the seafood and they suffer no more of puffy lips after years of suffering after the enjoyment of seafood.

According to Daddy, let the body system get immune to the seafood, after sometimes the allergies will go away. Medically speaking, I don’t know whether it works but my kids slowly got used to it and now they can eat any kind of seafood….it works in their case…their allergies disappeared over the years.

We had homecooked Clay Pot Crab Rice for dinner last Saturday . Piggy gal and I had all the crabs to ourselves :P Daddy didn't eat much of the crabs but enjoyed the rice though. Very aromatic and tasty…sweetness from the crab was heaven itself. The rice was garlicky buttery in taste and plus the sweetness from the crabs ..mmmm it was a satisfying dinner…we ate till our stomachs can’t take in anymore. Piggy boy was not back so he mizzed this yummilicious goodness !!! Even Daddy said it was deliciously GOOD !! Over indulgence can be bad…:( have to watch my cholesterol intake for the next two weeks…..salad for lunch and fish for dinner only and not to forget oats for breakfast :P

look at these luscious looking roe...mmmm

the garlicky buttery rice infused with the
sweetness from the crabs...mmm
heavenly delicious.....I want some more :P

this one dish meal is absolutely mouthwatering !

the burnt rice at the bottom of clay pot
Daddy loves the not so burnt one :)

Homecooked Clay Pot Crab Rice (serve 3 )

1 kg live crabs with roes – cleaned and cut into halves

marinade sauce :
3 tbsp of chinese cooking wine
3 tbsp of ginger juice
1 tbsp of light soy sauce
dash of white pepper

3 cups rice grains – washed and drained dry
enough water for cooking the rice

3 pips of garlic- chopped fine
3 tbsp of olive oil
1 tbsp of butter
a pinch of salt

asparagus or any veg of choice
scallions for garnishing


Clean the crabs and marinade with the marinade sauce for 1/2 hr or so and leave it aside while preparing the rice. Washed and drained the grains.

Sautee garlic with the olive oil lightly till fragrant but not brown , add in the rice grains and stir till well mixed with the sautéed garlic. Add in the butter and and stir fry till the butter has melted and incorporated with the rice grains. Add enough water to cook the rice. Cover lid and cook under low heat for 15 minutes. Add the crabs on top of the half cooked rice. Cover lid again and cooked till the rice and crabs are cooked thoroughly. Garnished with asparagus and scallions.

Asparagus : Boil asparagus in hot water till juz cook - drained .Sautee some garlic with olice oil, add 1 tsp of oyster sauce and thickening ( 1tsp of cornflour and 1 tbsp of water ) . Off the fire and pour sauce over the the cooked asparagus.



  1. Dear Elin!
    Beautiful posting!
    I noticed that like the Japanese you eat the red parts of the crab's "brains"!
    Great for tatse, aren't they!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hello!

    Your claypot crab rice is making me drool in the middle of the night LOL!

    I love your blog! Keep up the nice job!


  3. I'll bring my chopsticks, haha, the rice must be so yum, with lots of crab meat and crab roe flavour.

  4. Wow! I'm drooling drooling at the pot of yumminess!

  5. oh my, lovely looking clay pot. and its the 1st time i'm seeing crab clay pot. but 1st of all, i had to buy the pot then only i could make this. thanks for the recipe.

  6. Wow this dish is great. Drooling over the crab roe.

  7. The rice must be very sweet. As i try steamed tang hoon with crab and the tang hoon is rich of the sweetness of crab flavors. ^-^

  8. I am drooling all over my keyboard now. Just look at the roe on the crab! By the way, what type of crab you used for this dish? Great job Elin :)

  9. My mum used to cook crab rice too, but she cooks in rice cooker.

  10. We love the look of this dish. Wonderful photo. We may not be able to locate such amazing crabs with such gorgeous roe? Love the post. best, s

  11. The roe of the crabs looks heavenly tasty and creamy...The only claypot crab rice that I have eaten is at CiaXiang.

  12. This is a must have when im back !!

  13. That's a pot of treasures! I love crab roes.

  14. @ shizuokagourment : Hi Robert, Thanks, you are welcome.
    We ,Asian chinese, eat practically everything...from roe to brains and from trotters to internal organs :P. The roe tasted fantastic!

    @ Pei-Lin : Hi Pei-Lin,thanks for dropping by. Hope you will drop by again :))) to drool! ^ *

    @ Kenny T : always make my dish sound delicious :))

    @ Pureglutton : Welcome to drool and thanks for dropping by :)

    @ Cindy Khor : You can cook them in rice cooker if you can't get claypot.

    @ suesue: Haha..the rice is great with the sweetness from the crabs

    @ Food Paradise : Hi, yup, you steam or cook anything with crabs, the dish will turned out yummy for sure :) but this rice tasted great with the garlic and butter flavor beside the crabs flavor:)))

  15. @ ICook4Fun : Hi Gert, I bought these ' rock crabs ' aka as 'ketam batu' with roe type. They are guranteed to have roe..thus more expensive RM25-28 per kg depending on size. The other type is the meat roe selling for RM25 bigger size. Hope you will try this out...delicious no doubt :))

    @ Little Inbox : Haha you are like my Piggies ...still being pampered by your Mom :)

    @ s.stockwell : Hi S.S thanks for dropping by again. Hope you will try this out...any crabs will do :)

    @ CK lam: Hi CK, yup I read your post on it and it has motivated me to cook it :)

    @ Joshua Chia : Hi Piggy boy, welcome to drool. Will cook for you when you are back but don't ask me to remove the shell for you. You have to learn to take out the shell yourself :P

    @ pigpigscorner : Hi,thanks :))

    @ Angie's Recipes : :)) ME TOO!

  16. yum! the crab roes are calling my name!!!!! i used to be allergic to crabs too, but after suffering from numerous pain, i finally got over it! the most serious time was once suffering frm breathing difficulty and palpitation, and i thought i was going to die! thank god i didnt :D

  17. Hi Xin, now you can eat as much as you like. My Piggies when they were younger, after eating the crabs or shrimps, their lips will turned puffy and red but becoz they love seafood, they endured the pain...haha so now they have got immuned to seafood. No more puffy lips and pain.

    Yours was worse...difficulty in you are great and a conquered the allergy :)))


  18. I'm a fan of seafood...... love your claypot crab rice.

  19. Hi FoodnTravella,

    Thanks for dropping me a line and drop by to drool :)


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