Monday, June 1, 2009

Crèpes With Mango Slices And Cream

I am a great fan of Marc Matsumoto :) I like his style of cooking…fusion of Japanese and Western. Simple and easy to prepare goodies….and I love his blog. This morning, I tried out his crèpes recipe and it turned out wonderful…considering all the tips he shared on how to make a perfect crepe, how could I go wrong ? :P

I prepared the batter the nite before. Left it to relax in the fridge. Woke up at 5.30am this morning and start making the crèpes and this is the outcome of the crepes. Very evenly browned , I used a non-stick crèpe pan which I bought sometime back. I was happy and smiling the whole morning. All it takes to make me happy was a light, airy and evenly browned crèpes…..piped in some cream and add in some mango slices - a wonderful and scrumptious breakfast which I took to the office. I shared some with my colleague and he too was delighted. See, it takes very little to make a friend happy too.

Hop over to Marc's blog for the recipe  . I love the crepe and I will definitely make this again.

before and after

you can eat it plain or dribble honey on it or
garnish with cream and fruit of your own choice
slurp slurp :))
piped some cream and add in mango
for a more scrumptious crepe

I had something different this morning for breakfast -
instead of oats and granola,
wonderful Crèpes with cream
and mango slices
^___________ ^


  1. i used to see malaysia has loads of stall selling this but never get to try... i should try making them here cuz they look great from your pictures

  2. i am staring at my Mac, *drooling* at your crepes. i am going to make the batter after this, wake up at 5am tomorrow......

    i am so excited, *dancing around the house* cos my family loves crepes.

  3. This looks like a perfect (and seasonal) use for all the mangoes that are available in the supermarkets right now! Totally droolworthy!

  4. ooh my gosh - those look like they're from france!

  5. I love Marc's blog too! Your crepes look so yummY! I just posted a crepe post, what a coincidence =)

  6. Perfect crepes! I wish I could have this for breakfast everyday but I don't know if I have the dedication to wake up at 5:30am to make them. 8-)

  7. Your crepes look perfect and I love the mango. Yum!

  8. @ Cindy Khor : You should try making them yourself...light and airy and you can stuff them with your fav fruits :)

    @ Kenny T : Hi Kenny, do you want to apply for a franchise " Elinluv Crepes " ?? LOL !

    @ Skinnymum : I am sure your kids will love them. Make them as thin as you can and filled them with their favourite fruits :)

    @ Beachlover's Kitchen : haha, yup, they are delicious!

    @ Lo : Hi Lo, thanks for dropping by. Yup mango season now and it goes well with the crepes :)

    @ Pearl : Hi Pearl, you always make me blush...:P

  9. @ pigpigscorner : Hi,foodlovers always think alike LOL ! I will hop over and see yours. Marc has a fantastic blog....I always go there to drool :)

    @ Tangled Noodle : Hi, I woke up at 5.30 am coz I needed to have enuf time to get ready to clock in at 8 am...only when I want to prepare my breakfast or lunch to take to office :)) You can make this during weekend.

    @ Dragon : Hi Paula :)


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