Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Minty Mango And Avocado Salad

I looked thru my fridge drawer this morning and found lying there 3 almost over ripe avocado and some tomatoes and some mangoes. So last minute, I make them into a mouthwatering salad for my lunch. I took out those almost over ripe avocados, green apples , tomatoes and mangoes. Washed and cut them into cubes. Throw everything into the salad bowl and toss them with store bought Italian dressing and added in some home grown mint leaves ( plucked them from my pot in the garden ) . Last minute , added in some walnuts ( raw ) I liked them raw :)) . Took some photos and all done in less than an hour. Fast ?? Haha, at times I am amaze how I can get things done so fast. Uploaded the photos from the cam into my thumb drive while waiting for Daddy to get ready to send me to the office. Took out the salad from the fridge, cling wrapped it and tada, everything is ready to take off :))

I have to leave the house lastest by 7.30 am to be in time for the stupid punch clock. Government department clock in time is 8.00am sharp :( no flexi hours for us yet ) Only applicable for government staffs in the capital city ! Strictly 8 – 5 and off on Saturday :) That’s why if I want to prepare something that takes more time, I have to get up lastest 5.30 am …..

Normally, I make my own salad dressing but
for today, to save time, I used the store bought italian dressing :)

the mint leaves add extra flavor to the salad ;)

love the color combo...start the day with bright colors...
so refreshing

cling wrapped and dumped it into
the office fridge in the tea room till lunch time
I love them chilled ........yummilicious
can't wait till lunch hour

^ 0 ^

Minty Mango & Avocado Salad


1 avocado – cut into cubes
1 tomato – cut into cubes
2 green apples – cut into cubes – soaked in salt water
1 large mango – cut into cubes
mint leaves - coarsely chopped
some walnuts – raw or toasted

3 tbsp of Italian Salad dressing

Method :

Washed all the fruits and peel off rind and cut into cubes. Keep some mint leaves for garnishing, the rest chopped them up coarsely. Toss them together with Italian Salad dressing. Add in the walnuts and some mint leaves for garnishing. Serve chilled.



  1. this looks so good! i'm so hungry now! i need to make this. ^^

  2. Refreshing salad, perfect combination especially with a ripe avocado.

  3. healthy way of living and the the salad looks really colourful.

  4. What great, healthy and refreshing salad! This would perk me up in the middle of the day. 8-)

  5. Thank you for the visit to see our Pink Party Cake. The recipe for the cake is there. Just press on the link for buttermilk chocolate cake. We love your gorgeous photos and this fresh salad that will be just perfect for our warm Santa Barbara summers. Best, s

  6. @ aichaku : It taste good too. I am sure you will love it :)

    @ ck lam : Hi CK, yup very refreshing indeed , color and taste ! :))

    @ Cindy Khor : Hi Cindy, yup healthy and tasty too. Healthy food normally doesn't taste good :)))

    @ Pearl : Hi Pearl, this is delicious no doubt and healthy too. I love the maple almond butter you make...now I am thinking of making them to eat with bread :))

    @ Tangled Noodle : Hi TN, yess..good for lunch. I love it!

    @ S.Stockwell : Hi, S.S your cake looks mouthwatering and thanks for the recipe. Hope the photos will inspire you to make the salad...mango season now :))


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