Sunday, February 7, 2021

Best Homemade Pizza

This is by far the best pizza I have made for the husband. I used to make for the kids when they were young, tasted good too but not as good as the one above. So glad that I tried the crust recipe which takes less than 30mins to prepare. Light and soft crumb with crispy edges. Toppings can be anything we desire. I used the leftover of last night roast chicken with 'rempah marinade' . The tomato paste base, I cooked them using tin whole tomato, cooked till thicken s with dried oregano and pepper added. Cheddar cheese and mozzarella is a must. Added lots for a gooey texture. So good that this recipe is a keeper.
Added homegrown culantro salad on top of pizza when serving. The fragrance from the culantro gives extra oomph to the pizza. 

Culantro are homegrown
I prefer the mozzarella to be slightly
burnt 😝
Cheddar cheese added too
The leftover roasted chicken
makes delicious topping

Recipe for the crust

2.5 cups bread flour
1cup warm water
6gm instant yeast
2tbsp olive oil
1tsp sugar
1tsp salt

Mix all dry ingredients together till well combined. Add warm water to the flour mixture and knead till smooth. Leave to rest for 30mins. Knock down and roll out into 2round disc . Add tomato paste, mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, toppings of your choice and finish off with another layer of  mozzarella cheese. Bake for 30mins till pizza is golden brown. 


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