Thursday, February 11, 2021

Reunion Dinner - Just The Two of Us

Reunion dinner is all about families coming together, exchanging stories over great food and bonding with loved ones. This year has been tough for everyone. Though we are not able to have reunion dinner with our children this year, I still cooked a storm eventhough it is  just for the two of us.

'Poon Choi' is a dish made up of different layers of ingredients such as meat, seafood and vegetable in rich broth served in a basin or pot. I served ours in my favourite Japanese claypot. 

I have Braised Napa Cabbage in superior soup at the base of pot. Top up with a thin layer of

1. Pan Fried Salted Prawns

2. Braised Trotters with Mushrooms & Sea Cucumber

3. Oil Poached Chicken 

4. Stir Fried Broccoli with homemade Gluten balls and 'Fatt Choy'

5. Roast Pork Belly

Pan fried salted prawns

Home Roasted Pork Belly

Oil Poached Chicken
Two days work but worth all the efforts.

Happy Chinese New Year to all my loved ones and friends. Stay safe and stay healthy.

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