Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Vegan Fish Fingers

I am actually very surprised that there are so many vegan cafes sprouting out in Ipoh. Plant based dishes are trendy lately ,no longer those gluten made ones. Today, I am trying to make vegan Fish Fingers out of white oyster mushrooms. Learning so much from vegan websites around the round and I am glad that my hubby is quite receptive in trying out my vegan dishes. He ate 2 pieces of vegan fish fingers . He asked me " are there any bones?" I replied " yea, watch out for bones " He is truly a clown!

The texture is flaky like the real thing and the taste is flavourful with the nori powder giving the fish fingers the seabrine taste. Serve them with Japanese mayo dip ( add in chopped cucumber and mint leaves and a squeeze of lime juice) One word.. delicious!

Vegan Fish Fingers
300gm white oyster mushroom
1/2 cup AP Flour
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 nori powder
1tbsp lime juice
Corn flakes - finely ground for coating
1/4 cup olive oil for frying

Blitz oyster mushroom together with line juice till coarsely chopped up in a food processor. Add in the rest of ingredients and give it a quick blitz.
Take out and shape them into fishfingers size. Coat them with ground cornflakes . Freeze them for 30mins.
Take out and pan fry them in olive oil till golden brown. Serve with Japanese mayo (add in chopped cucumber and mint leaves and a squeeze of lime juice )
Can freeze them up to 3months. Straight from the freezer to the hot oil. Do not thaw them or microwave them. 



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