Thursday, February 11, 2021

Chinese Wheat Gluten Balls

Yesterday I tried making some wheat gluten balls for a vegetarian dish that I am going to cook for our CNY Eve dinner. I used Sonia's recipe and it turned out great. So thought I will share here since it is a success. Easy to make and preservative free. Now I don't have to buy from the store. Can make them from home. 

I steamed them for a healthier version. After steaming, cooled them before storing. Can keep in the fridge or freeze for future cooking.
Final result of a 300gm flour recipe
I got 111gm, not too bad I guess
A ball of gluten goodness after washing
Wash the gluten ball till water is clear
and remove the whitish traces
of dough from the ball of gluten
Leave the dough to rest for 6 hours
before washing

Chinese Wheat Gluten Recipe click here


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