Sunday, February 14, 2021

Fried Wheat Gluten Puffs

Making Chinese wheat gluten /Mian Jin again. This time, it is more fluffy and bouncy. I have them fried in oil to make fried gluten puffs.  Boiled them in salt water to remove excess oil and at the same time to allow the gluten puffs to absorb the salt water to give the bland gluten puffs added taste. Squeeze them dry and keep in container and store in the freezer for future cooking. 

I used 300 gm flour to 150gm water. Resting dough for 6 hours.Final result 18 pieces of fried gluten puffs. I like to make things from scratch. It is challenging and I love the washing off the starch part and holding that blob of gluten in my hand. So thrilling.

Boil them in salt water to remove
excess oil and add 
taste to the gluten fried  puffs
Pinch out small portions and
fried till golden brown, take
out and place on paper towel
to drain off excess oil
blob of glutten after
washing off the starch
from the dough

love that spongy look gluten
in clear water

Recipe for dough
(Final result after washing is 300 plus wheat glutten)
1kg all purpose flour 
500gm water
Combine AP flour with water, and knead till dough is smooth . Rest dough for 6 hrs. Wash and squeeze the dough in a basin until water is clear and you have a blob of glutten in your hand. It is ready for cooking.

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