Sunday, January 24, 2021

Pan Fried Steamed Buns

This is one of the best pan fried steamed bun I have made this far. Easy to make and lips snacking good. Dough is easy to handle and I managed to stuff in as much fillings as possible. I have learned how to stuff more fillings and not break the dough skin during this pandemic time. Fillings is important if you want the bun to taste good.  I like buns packed with lots of fillings.

 Fire must be on medium low
so that it gets cook thru without
 burning the sesame seeds

For more fillings....
the trick is to use the thumb
to push the fillings down 
as we pleat the skin

after pleating ,lightly brush water
 on surface and then pressed on the sesame seeds
The sesame seeds coating on the 
top surface is evenly done

My pleating technique
has improved 😝

Fillings consists of
Tofu puffs, carrots, chives
and minced meat. Seasonings 
are garlic and oyster sauce and white pepper.

Dough skin ingredients
240 gms AP Flour
3 Tsps sugar
1tsp instant yeast
2/3cup warm milk or water
pinch of salt
1tsp oil

Fillings of your choice

1. Mix sugar, yeast and warm milk together till well combined. Add in flour, salt and oil. Knead together till smooth. 2.Leave to rest for an hour or till it doubled in size. Divide proofed dough into 14 equal portions.  Roll into round balls. Rest dough for 15mins. 
3. Flatten ball and roll into into a circular bun wrapper. Place one or two spoonfuls of  fillings in center and pleats to seal. Flatten the bun and apply water to top surface, pressed on sesame seeds. 4. Place the sesame seeds coated side on bottom of a non stick pan . Under medium heat cook till sesame seeds has turn slightly brown. Flip all the buns over and add 1/2 cup water onto pan. Cover with lid and cook until all the water has evaporated . Serve hot.

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