Saturday, January 2, 2021

Roast Pork Belly

Dinner was late because we were waiting for this piece of Roast Pork Belly to cool down . I didn't follow the usual step of dehydrating the skin over night in the fridge as it was a last minute thing 😝 Thank God ,the skin was porous and crunchy, meat was tender and juicy. So yumm. I won't stand in the long queue, shoulder to shoulder for the famous roast pork . People forgets easily. It is pandemic time! 

As this is a last minute thing, I scored the skin and poke the whole surface as much as I can. Rub the surface skin with vinegar and salt and left it to dehyderate in the air con room for 4 hours. The meat part, I seasoned with garlic powder and salt and chinese 5 spice powder. Roast at 230c for the first 20 mins and further roast at 259c for the next 50mins till you see the skin has crackles and turned golden brown. Rest the roast pork for at least 15 mins before cutting. 

The skin turned out great, porous and crunchy, meat was tender and juicy.

HAPPY 2021 to all.

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