Monday, January 18, 2021

Angkoo Kuih

We had Nyonya Angkoo Kuih for breakfast this morning. So blessed because all these are homemade by myself. I learned how to make these cuties during the 2nd phase of MCO. And it is so convenient to have banana plant in my lil space 😁

And I also managed to get the extra depth mold during MCO time from Penang . 2020 is a year when I first learned to purchase things online 😂  I want to thank Sonia of Nasi Lemak Lover for sharing the recipe. Love this Angkoo Kuih skin with sweet potato. For the filling,I added crispy fried shallots oil to the mung bean paste and reduced the sugar slightly. Turned out so good. A keeper for sure.

Natural color from the orangey sweet potato. I managed to get the color right this time with no added food color. My hubby famous line " what's there to eat ?"🤦 So now he can have these for breakfast, for snack or supper 😝

love the extra depth of the Angkoo kuih

More fillings 😁 

I am impressed with the 
sharp imprint

 Bought the mold from Penang
Depth of mold is 2cm

 Love the natural orangey color
from the orange sweet potato

Click below for Recipe Link

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