Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Martha Stewart's Cupcakes

The brother came back from the States to do his annual prigrimage , that is to visit the old dad and I have been busy entertaining him the last few days . Thus for the lack in blog updates  :p He brought back a gift from NJ for me...guess what ? Yay!  Martha Stewart 's Cupcakes , which has 175 inspired ideas for every occasions...another year of cupcakes :p  Thank you , brother , for this wonderful book !

a lot of nice and yummy cuppies in this treasure book

lot of tips in this book too :)

flipped through a few pages and I know what I am going to try out soon :p

mmmmmm....lip smacking goodness all in this book !

this book has further stirred up my passion for cuppies :))
I love the frosting on makes the cake more
desirable and delectable  :p

*         *         *


  1. Yayyyy... now Elin can make more cupcakes...and guess who is the fortunate one to taste them?? no, not me.. my kids!! hahaha...

  2. Oooooooooo........ Pretty! I want to learn how to make them! Teach me! Teach me!

    Piggy Cuz

  3. Another baked book? wow...could you take a picture of your book shelf? :-) I want to see how crowded it it...

  4. Lucky you! Looking forward to more cuppies from you!

  5. What a beautiful looking book! The photos are too good in there! Makes me hungry just looking at it! Is it lunchtime yet? ;0)

    Can't wait to see yor CupCake Creations!

  6. Elin! I have the exact same book! I love Martha Stewart and some of her recipes are real keepers. Enjoy the book...I'm loving mine!

  7. Nice! Look forward to your future posts :-)

  8. Wah, you also have the book ar!? Shirley of Kokken69 just made something with recipe from the book. I can foresee another MS fever in the Food Blogosphere, soon ... LOL!

    Good to hear that your family's been keeping you busy. =) It's a good sign you know.

  9. Wow, what a perfect gift! Your favourite! hehe... See, Claire is so happy. ^_^ Hope you're enjoying your evening.
    Cheers, Kristy

  10. Claire....hahah more cuppies coming your way....don't blame me ya if you grow sideways !!!

    Kathy...she sure is lucky :p

    Sonia...sure will :)

    Piggu know, you oni have to call me and you know I will be there :)

    Angie...hahaha yup another book !!!

    Cheah....yes I am blessed...sure as soon as I can :)

    PL...sure...I will as soon as I can :)

    BeeBee...oh good we can exchange views then ...hahaha I will try as soon as I can.

    Juliana...thanks for dropping by :)

    Pei Lin...I am crazy over cupcakes and frosting but have yet to do any so it is time to try making some now :) yup they are keeping me busy at the moment. Have to wait for the brother to fly back before I can start my cuppies :)

    Kristy...I am blessed to have her as my taster....she grows round while I remain slim LOL!!!! You too have a grat weekend :)

  11. oh.. I want the book too.. -_-


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