Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Spicy Garlicky Minty Tofu

I know I have not been baking anything lately, in fact since the Raya holidays :( But I will start my baking again soon coz I have a very very long ' To-Do ' list. Can’t wait to test out a few recipes that I have in mind to do….by the way I have put on 1.5 kg so for the next few weeks I have to go slow on food :(

Well, I have been enjoying my Raya holidays with my Piggies and the best part was , my boss approved my leave during the Raya festive thus a long stretch of holiday ( normally the nons will not be allowed to take leave ) :) And Piggy Ernest took leave too so we had a wonderful time together. From brunch to dinner , we ate out most of the time. We had a jolly good time together , no doubt. From BBQ , Seafood feast , Japanese food to Night Market (Pasar Malam) food ( can you believe we spend about RM100 just for dinner from the night market ?(pasar malam) We went to the 1st Garden night market (pasar malam) and to my disappointment the food was not good at all. The one near Tesco is much better. More choices of course and more organized.

As for me, I love the fermented Tofu and one type of special deep fried tofu with mint leaves…it’s heavenly. I have been yearning for this special tofu since I eaten it a week ago . I watched them as they prepared it and mentally figuring out how to do it since. Thus ,this post on this special tofu. It turned out quite like the one selling at the pasar malam, The only difference is their tofu is specially made for them harder in texture and more flavorsome, whereas mine was softer and bland. Anyway , it tasted good except the tofu is softer than the one sold at the pasar malam ( night market ) .

Will definitely try this again the next time my Piggies come back for the weekend. Hmmm maybe I should try out the harder type of tofu and soak it for a few hours with salt water. Well , no try no gain as the saying goes :))))) A good try anyway. It was quite close to the one sold at the pasar malam anyway! (",)

Mixed the fried tofu with the oil scalded mint leaves and raw garlic

Sprinkle chilli powder ( Babas brand) on the
mixed tofu

The finish result after tossing all the ingredients together .
The scalded mint leaves and raw garlic gave this dish
the oomph :) a nice snack

Spicy Garlicky Minty Tofu


5 pieces of white tofu ( preferably the hard compact ones )
Cut into bite sized cubes and soaked in salt water ( 1 hr)
Drain dry and coat with corn flour
A few pips of garlic – chopped finely
Mint leaves – ten sprigs – washed and drain dry
1 tbsp of Babas chili powder
A dash of white pepper
Oil for deep frying


Heat up oil in the wok and deep fry the coated tofu till crispy. Add in the mint leaves and scald it till half cooked. Take out the tofu and mint leaves together and place them in a big bowl.
Add in the garlic and sprinkle the chili powder and white pepper to the tofu mixture and tossed it till well mixed. If it is still bland , sprinkle some salt to taste. a simple and delicious snack.



  1. oh my gosh!!! you made the nice nice nice tofu!! can't wait to go back..........

  2. I know this is delicious! I wanna try this out. Thanks for sharing.

  3. @ joanna: I will definitely make this for you sweetheart:))))so let me know in advance when you wanna come back so as to get the tofu ready...

    @ little inbox: Haha you are welcome...get the hard type of tofu then it would be perfect!!:)

  4. HAHA..... yummy, this is the best tofu ever.... !!

  5. Hi Josh

    Now you know I am good at figuring out how it is done leh :) The bestest Momsie leh...heehee meanwhile just drool whet ur appetite first :))))

  6. You should try making the fermented tofu, sounds interesting. I'm sure Your kids would love them. They will be sure running back to try them.


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