Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I love to watch my Piggies playing away on the piano. Duets especially. Jazz music filled the air ...oohh how I envy them. I never had the opportunity to learn playing the piano when I was young. So when I had my Piggies , I make sure they both have the privilege to learn to play the piano as soon as they know their ABC and numbers. I remembered after I gave birth to my Piggy gal, the first thing I looked for, when the nurse handed her to me in the delivery room , were her fingers....whether they were complete and long. I know you guys must be thinking now what a monster momsie I was then ....plans of music lessons already filled the mind before I was wheeled out of the delivery room 20 years ago (",) Fingers that were long enough for the piano . I started them at the age of four (",)

It was worth all the sacrifices to send them for their piano lessons, as I now see them play duet on the piano. It was never easy to play duet but they did it and it brought back memories of yester years when Momsie had to sit with them to see that they practice their pieces and had done their theory homework.... and today, I am sure they are glad that their preseverance through their ten years of learning how to play the piano paid off as they can sit together and play duets.

Playing the piano is a form of relaxation and it helps the child to de-stress in today  exam-orientated culture of Asian school :)))

*** I can't help stealing a shot of the most treasured moment in my life, watching them seated at the piano playing duets and finally I was able to enjoy their playing ^____*.


  1. Hi Elinluv, like you I didn't have a chance to learn piano when I was young...and like you I envy my kids (especially the elder boy) who can now play a piece from Richard Clayderman. My kids are not able to play duet yet, but they are very good at creating noise together ;)

  2. Hey HHB, we both think alike. We both envy our kids yet we feel proud of them :) Your elder boy is so young yet he can play a piece from Richard Clayderman ..that is very good lo. Dun worry, later they will be able to perform duet and you will be thrill to bits then ! :)

  3. Hi Elinluv - I started my boy when he was five, enrolling him in Yamaha Music School, but he didn't like it and has stopped since :(
    Now he is already grown up.

    I am so happy and envy you for getting your children to learn playing the piano and they still enjoyed doing it.

  4. Hi ckLam :)

    Most boys will drop out after a while but for my son, he is more towards music and he loves the piano..it's like a part of him. He plays most of Yimura's pieces nowadays. My gal prefers classical pieces:) I am glad they still enjoyed playing between sem break :))


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