Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Carrot Cake

Juz wanna share here how happy I am to receive this smses from my Piggies. They have not forgotten Momsie’s birthday ;))))))))))))) ( smiling the whole day) Enjoy all this while it last….. Piggy Ernest famous line….

Yup, TODAY is Momsie’s Birthday ! Heehee I am celebrating my '25th birthday 'today * every year I am 25 years old…can? (“,)

I slept well last night, most probably grinning the whole night thru and woke up beaming this morning becoz they remembered Momsie’s birthday!

Piggy Boy to Momsie at 23:59:23 on 10-20-08 (before I slept)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I m the first….things will be better this year….

Piggy Gal to Momsie at 6:54:14 on 10-21-08 ( when I woke up)
Happy birthday 2 u…happy birthday 2 u, happy birthday dear
Mummy….happy birthday 2 u! hehe, see I wake up first thing sing u birthday song :)
Heehee… thanks Piggies for the birthday wishes :) and thanks Daddy for the very nice dinner:))

The night before , I baked for myself a carrot cake from Baking : From My Home To Yours ” by Dorie Greenspan . Simple to make and very delicious . I reduced the sugar by halve and used Muscovado sugar instead of castor sugar and I used melted butter ( 125 gm butter – melted) instead of canola oil. Haha, guess I like to twist the recipe to my taste. I don’t like my cake to be too sweet and the muscovado sugar will give the cake a coarser and darker texture as you can see from the photos. I normally reduced the sugar by half, depends on the type of cake. Carrot cake has got raisins and the cheese frosting is slightly sweet ( I reduced the icing sugar by half too ) . In one and half hours, I got the cake baked and frosted.
It came out nice..evenly browned and aromatic..hmmm
After it cooled down, cut into half and sandwiched them
with half of the cheese frosting's finished..put it in the cake box and into
the fridge it goes till ready to serve ;)

This is a very delicious carrot cake
by Dorie Greenspan

** Shout out to My Piggies & Piggy Ernest – when you guys are back this weekend, we will have a big party..most probably this Saturday…BBQ ?????


  1. Happy bday !!......hopefully we have more food to eat this weekend..... :) muahaha

  2. Happy Belated Birthday to you and many more birthday to come!! I like your carrot cake especially when its loaded with raisins.

  3. So sweet of them. :)
    Happy belated birthday!!

  4. Happy belated birthday to you, your cake looked great :)

  5. Little Inbox, Josh, Gertrude, SSB and Min...

    Thank you so much for the birthday wishes and also thank you for the great support too :))))

    I had a wonderful day and not only the cake looked great but tasted great too :)

  6. I send you a email few days ago,dunno if you have received it....


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