Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Crystal Prawn Dumpling

Last week , I was browsing through my book shelf that housed my collection of cookbooks which many of them have been sitting there for years, and I found this Delicious Dim Sum book which I haven’t had the chance to try out the recipes yet. I bought it for drooling purposes at that time. I flipped through the pages and to my delight , the book has pictures of delicious looking dumpling of all choices. Haha, needless to say , the urge to try it out was great and it goes to my To-Do List :)

Thus, last night, I had the opportunity to test it out. After watching “ Moonlight Resonance ”a HongKong TVB drama , ( I am watching this drama at the moment – a good drama indeed and the casts are all my favourites – thus, I am glued to the idiot box most night – lesser baking I guess, kidding :p ) Daddy and I were feeling hungry after the drama coz we both had light dinner of ‘Fried Koay Kak ’ , a kind of rice cake.

Daddy asked what’s for supper…and I took the opportunity ( by the way , I am an opportunist ) and told him this “ Oh, if you can wait about half an hour , I will deliver dim sum to you “ and he said “ Dim Sum…what dim sum are you making ? ” “You wait , juz give me half an hour ” . * he doesn’t know what he is into – anyway Uncle Burger did not open for business since the fasting month started , so my dim sum sounded great when one is hungry * wink,wink , I got him as my guinea- pig to taste my 1st prawn dumplings (“,)

Actually, it is very simple & easy to make , I chose crystal prawns dumpling from the book coz it is the easiest of the whole lot and I have all the ingredients in the fridge. I halved the recipe and managed to get 9 dumplings . It turned out not bad but it must be eaten steaming hot or else the dumpling skin will turned slightly stiff . Over all , it is not too bad but I won’t say it is very good either. I will have to find a better dough recipe :)

For the fillings I gave it a twist and added in century egg (",)
shredded carrots and chopped spring onions.
I added sesame oil to give a nice aromatic smell....

I know this piece of dumpling looks horrible but for a first timer ,
I considered it not bad looking , still got room for improvement (",)

Steamed it for 5 minutes on high fire..tada... a plate of crystal prawn dumplings

Eat it steaming hot with hot chilli sauce/wasabe as dippings hmmm o-la-la

Crystal Prawn Dumpling

Dough Ingredients ( adapted from Delicious Dim Sum)
100 gm wheat starch
120 gm potato starch
160 gm hot water
Ingredients A
3 water chestnuts (minced)


300 gm fresh prawn
3 gm salt
3 gm MSG
6 gm sugar
5 gm potato starch
1 tsp sesame oil

Combine filling ingredients until elastic. Add in A
Pour in hot water to wheat and potato starch until half cooked. Knead into a dough.
Knead dough into a long strip
Divide into equal parts , each 15 gm. Roll into a flat disc.
Wrap in 20 gm filling, fold both ends into a comb shape
Steam over high heat for 5 minutes.

* Note: I tweaked the fillings a bit, added century egg, scallions & shredded carrots. Get everything ready before you start on the dough coz the dough will dry fast. The dough should be soft and slightly moist. Cover the rest of the dough with a wet towel while wrapping the dumpling. Do not oversteam the dumplings to avoid the dumpling from cracking.



  1. That look wonderful for a first timer. I always prefer har kow compare to siew mai. I like the different twist you gave to your har kow. By the way, do you have an e.mail where I can get in touch with you.

  2. Hi icook4fun,

    Me too, I love dim sum especially har kow..heehee
    my email addy is


  3. My god! It looks heavenly!!! I am always afraid to make Dim Sum especially anything that has a clear skin like these!

    It sure looks easy enough. I am tempted to try.

    BTW, how did the twist with the egg tasted?

  4. Hi Tricia,

    If you like century egg it is yummy. Actually the skin is not too bad if eaten hot.When it is cold then it is a bit stiff.

    Easy to make and nice to eat..:) Try to roll the dough to as thin as you can go.

  5. Tricia: Forgot to tell you this, greased your pan before you put the dumplings in to steam or it will stick to the bottom.

  6. Thanks for the tip. Will try this (hopefully) this weekend.

  7. Looks wonderful for a first timer! wow century egg ...very tasty! sesame oil always a winner! Thank you so much! want to make this now!


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