Friday, October 10, 2008

BBQ Nite For The Piggies

We had shoulder lambs , chicken wings , pizza sausages and prawns for our BBQ nite on the 1st day of Raya ( told you looks like this year we are taking advantage of the festive season to have BBQ coz the whole family was able to be together again and that was FUN. I enjoyed the fellowship very much too.

We normally had it on Christmas Eve but becoz everyone managed to get off during this festive and were back together , we took the opportunity to have charcoal grilled feast for dinner . It was good. Daddy made his special BBQ sauce and it goes well with the grilled meat especially the shoulder lamb….it was finger-licking good but, of course , it was also artery clogging bad for our health (“,) . We only eat this once a year so I guess it was okay to indulge in this sinful mouth-watering meat.

juicy shoulder lambs with Daddy famous bbq sauce (",)

Momsie Salad.....the toasted sesame
gave extra fragrance to the salad :)

I made a bowl salad to go with the meat and it was good too. The Pizza Cocktail Sausages was even better for it was a first time for us. Piggy Ernest bought it from Jusco..hmmm didn’t know it tasted so good. We had a wonderful time tucking in the charcoal grilled meat plus the fantastic Daddy famous BBQ sauce which I will be sharing with you later.

Not much pictures here coz either I was busy eating or busy bbq-ing the meat . We took turns taking care of the meat while they were being grilled over the amber charcoal.

Daddy Special BBQ Sauce


½ bottle Kimball tomato sauce
10 tbsp oyster sauce
10 tbsp chilli sauce
10 pips of garlic – chopped finely
8 shallots - chopped finely
3 tbsp of cooking wine
1 tbsp of brown sugar


Mixed together the above ingredients n leave it to rest for 1 hr so that the ingredients can get to know each other well (“,)

Brush on the meat only when they are almost cook. Do not marinade the meat with the sauce. Just brush the meat with salt n pepper 2 hrs before bbq-ing

Momsie Special Salad


1 iceberg lettuce
1 big lettuce
1 pack of cherry tomato
2 cucumber remove the core
2 carrots
black olives

a bottle of salad cream
toasted white sesame
2 tbsp of olive oil
cheddar cheese - the amount up to individual


Wash & drain dry all the lettuce and cut it to bite size. Peel the cucumber and cut into half length wise and removed the core . Cut vertical into semi circle strips. Cut the carrots into strips and scald in hot water for a minute ( if you want it to be a bit softer ) hard to chew on raw carrot for older people like me :) . Cut the tomato into half, easier to bite…children won’t get choke on it. Put all the vegetables and cut black olive into a big salad bowl. Add in the salad cream and olive oil and cheddar cheese and toss till well mixed. Sprinkle the toasted sesame on top. Serve together with the BBQ meats.



  1. Nice BBQ lamb. Thought of bbqing this weekend but it always rain lorrr. sigh!

  2. aww .. so sweet lah.
    family BBQ session.
    us? we'd rather pig out somewhere to avoid the mess. =P

  3. @pete: heehee i love the bbq lamb too...yummz. we were lucky it wasn't raining then when we had the bbq :))

    @j2kfm: Sweet kids love bbq especially when the family can get together :) It's like a sort of reunion * ^. This Raya festive was the best ever! A week of eating non- stop and everyone was so stress :)


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