Monday, September 8, 2008

Egg Roll With Fish Paste

This is not sushi but it is Egg Roll with fish paste…my mom used to prepare this for us when my siblings and I were still schooling . Easy to prepare and very nutritious for growing children. I have been feeling nostalgic the last few weeks and can’t help thinking of my childhood days and the food my grandma and mom used to make for me ^____*

Recently , I bought a non-stick crepe pan for RM18 from my favourite crockery shop. I have been itching to use it since I bought it , so I thought of this delightful egg rolls which I have not eaten for quite a while. Instead of making crepes for breakfast , I made this rolls as a dish for dinner (“,) Piggy gal loves it!

Just 2 large eggs and some fish paste …simple right?

Egg Roll With Fish Paste


2 large eggs ( can make 2 rolls )
Some fish paste ( enough to cover the egg crepes )

Dash of salt and pepper


Beat up the eggs, add salt and pepper to taste. Brush some oil on the non-stick crepe pan and warm up the pan, add half of the beaten egg and let it set. Spread out the fish paste on the surface of the egg crepe while still on the crepe pan and rolled up the egg crepe.

Meanwhile, heat up the steamer. Place the egg rolls on a plate and steam for 10-13 minutes on high. Take out and cut into 1/4 inch length. Served while still hot. Brush on some wasabe if you like. Pungently delicious!

* I am happy with my non-stick crepe pan **



  1. ooo i miss that fishy eggy roll! miss home too...darn i hate finals :(

    sending muax n hugz homeward bound....

  2. lucky children you have!
    no dipping sauces?

  3. I never come across this dish. The fish paste is the ready made type? too, just bought a non-stick pan and I'm happy with its performance. :P

  4. @ joanna : gambate ya...muax and hugz to you too :)
    love you muchies . Can't wait for you to be home..mmmm miz you and josh :)

    @ j2kfm : dipping sauces... eat it with wasabi...pungently delicious...yummz :) seriously it goes well with wasabi!

    @ little inbox: I used the ready made one coz I am not good in making fish paste...haha you can add chopped scallions and chilli on the paste...taste wonderful too. Me too, love that non-stick pan...produces even thickness (",)

  5. ok, where to find ready fish paste? Hypermarket got?

  6. Hi Little Inbox,

    The fish paste can get from the wet market. Hypermarket I am not so sure. Jusco wet market they do sell them at the fish section. Penang Jusco I am not sure either :)

    I stayed in Ipoh so I get mine from the wet market or roadside vegetable stall near my housing area.

    Hope you will be able to get the fish paste.


  7. Thanks ya. I wish I can try this recipe.


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