Friday, September 12, 2008

Pumpkin Cake

I have a slice of pumpkin left in the fridge so I can’t wait to try out KWF’s recipe on Pumpkin Cake. It is good for health as it uses olive oil and not butter. I twist the recipe a bit and used natural molasses sugar instead of brown sugar. I have a bottle left in the pantry so might as well use it up coz it might not keep long. I used ground hazelnuts instead of peanuts . Heehee, the color of the cake is much darker and has a nice fragrant too. I am not sure whether it affects the texture of the cake coz I have no opportunity to try out KWF’s Pumpkin Cake …maybe KWF can advise when she comes by to read this post of mine :)) Surprisingly, the texture was a bit kueh-ish and a bit cake –ish so it turned out to be quite nice and I think I will bake again for my Piggies when they are back for their holidays mid September. A good for health cake ,as olive oil and pumpkin are full of good nutrients for our body. I reduced the sugar to 100gm coz taking into consideration pumpkins are sweet in nature thus the sweetness was juz nice for our taste buds. A very very delicious cake indeed! A keeper for sure :)

my bottle of natural molasses sugar - recommended
sugar for cake making

Out cooling on the rack, the pumpkin seeds
are for deco purposes only

As usual, one for the album :)))

Thanks KWF for sharing such a wonderful cake recipe with us.


  1. yum...pumpkin cake sounds really delicious

  2. yup..when u comes back you will be fed round round..that's a promise starting with pumpkin cake and all those delicious buns....:))))

  3. That's what I noticed, a bit kuih-ish. The texture looks a bit sticky compared to cake huh?

  4. Hi little inbox :)

    haha...i not too sure whether the original one from kwf is sticky anot...wat say you? Have you gone to see her blog? Hers look more like cake . Mine is not sticky but kuih-ish and cake -ish haha...but it tasted nice anyway.

    I used natural mollases sugar so it may affect the texture a bit i think but I kinda like the texture lo...

  5. it looks good.. dont mind trying this over the weekend :)


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