Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sausage Rolls

Piggies are back for their two weeks sem break and you can guess that Momsie will have two weeks of swell time baking and cooking and puffing and kneading away in her little sanctuary where she can show off her culinary skill to her offsprings :))) . Gosh , I can’t tell you how much they mean to me…lotz, no words can depict this little thing called LOVE ^* Unconditional love………

I juz love to make them eat and eat and enjoy life greatest enjoyment…food indulging till their heart content. And give them SUPPER every night to satiate their growing appetite. I made them this sausage rolls for supper and their breakfast tomorrow. It turned out well and they ate it heartily and gave their due compliments…haha of course to their Momsie’s utter delights!!! The best sausage rolls they have ever eaten so they both proclaimed… as not to embarrass them I stopped myself from skipping around the room like a little girl who just got her first praise from her teacher ^__________* but gave them a beaming smile instead.

This Sausage Rolls recipe is from Dailydelicious and it is easy to prepare and like what she said on her blog , even first timer will have no problem making this rolls. I brushed on the base of the dough some garlic parsley butter which I had made some time back , before I braided the rolls with the sausage for a more flavorful taste and you can imagine how the aromatic buttery garlicky fragrant filled the whole house while it was baking in the oven. Of course, it accelerated our hunger pang further :))

Eating the freshly baked rolls while watching a movie together is what I would described as heavenly ! And they also ate their Momsie’s famous homemade Super Chocolate Ice Cream…. something for them to remember when they go back to college to start their 2nd sem. in October. The best ices and the best rolls and the best Momsie (“,) :)

the risen rolls waiting to go into the oven
they looked so cute...:)

can't wait to chomp on them
the moment they are out of the oven.....
the aroma of freshly baked rolls...hmmmm yummy

cooling off on the rack

the soft and fluffy texture warrant another round of baking

Thanks once again to Dailydelicious for sharing this recipe with us.

Please click here for the recipe


  1. I had tried this recipe and linked your blog to my posting on sausage rolls today. Hope you dun mind. ;)

    Btw, what did you put inside the rolls besides sausage? Looks like herbs with some butter?

  2. May I know what brand of bread machine you are using? I am getting one but still undecided which brand is better, thanks


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