Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pot Bless Night

My church held a ‘Pot Bless Night’ for a member’s 40th Birthday , last Friday night, so each family were to bring something for the party. I did a bit of snooping here and there and I found out that most members are bringing meat and vege dishes, so I thought maybe I should make something sweet for the younger and older members. :) The pictures below was what I baked for the Pot Bless Party. At the last minute , I added one more dish, my famous ‘Assam Chilli Trotters ‘ :) (I forgot to take a picture of the dish )

I baked some Garlic Buns for the youngster and Steamed Banana Cupcakes for the older generation..heehee needless to say, the later one was more popular with the young and old. I got reviews that the Banana Cuppies were yummy…after the party ended many church friends were asking for the recipe (“,). A member whom I did not mix much became closer and at the end of our conversations , guess what , we enchanged recipes and another member even taught me how to prepare the ‘ Fried Tofu with Thai Chili Sauce ’ …haha what a wonderful and blessed 'Pot Bless Night ' and surprisingly I enjoyed myself so much that I am looking forward to another ‘ Pot Bless Night ’. Hah…now I know that many of our ladies are good cooks…..truly God’s Blessing!

Small cuties - Garlic Buns

Steamed Banana Cupcakes

I regretted that I did not bring my cam with me otherwise I can display here the food that the others brought for the night. Lotz of nice home cooked dishes plus Roast Pork ( the most tasty roast pork I have eaten so far and home roast by the Birthday gal herself ) .

Let me recall what dishes the members brought:

1) Vegetarian Curry
2) Chicken Curry
3) Roast Duck
4) Baked Salted Chicken
5) Roast Pork
6) Assan & Chilli Trotters
7) Fried Pasta
8) Fried Tofu With Thai Chili Sauce
9) Braised Pork Ribs
10) Sit-fry Mixed Vegetables
11) Fried Beehoon
12) Fried Wat Tan Hor ( Koey Teow )
13) Egg Sandwishes
14) Steamed Banana Cupcakes
15) Garlic Buns
16) Watermelon – a big one costs RM25 ( expensive)
17) Pomelos – I enjoyed this very much….juicy and sweet
18) Birthday Cake – Layered Kiwi Sponge – a bit too sweet for me :)

I may have left out some dishes coz I was busy savoring and crapping with the members...the oo and the arr :))) Truly, the party was a success and the warm fellowship among the members further strenghten the relationship. I love the food and the warm friendship ...a wonderful gathering that will become fond memories for me. Food brings people true!


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