Monday, September 29, 2008

Angel Hair Spaghetti With Bolagnese Sauce And Beef Meatballs

Last night , we had this Angel Hair Spaghetti with Bolagnese Sauce for dinner. I did not follow any recipe which I had in my To-do list but instead make my own concoctions … I leave it to your imagination how it tasted. I put in all the ingredients needed to make this sauce but left out the most important ingredient – BIG ONIONS !!!! The sauce was too sourish. I poured in the whole can of tomato puree and chopped in some fresh tomatoes… arghh… I kicked myself during dinner for using too much of this sour ingredient called tomato puree .It didn’t taste excellent but my Piggies and Piggy Ernest managed to finished the whole lot for me. Heehee… aren’t I lucky to have such great supporters ! Surprisingly, my Piggies did not complain about the sauce being too sourish….they each took a second helping , guess they were hungry ^___ *

And the worst part was , I over cooked the spaghetti. Forgotten to read the instructions properly – the 2 minutes cooking time stated on front of the packing. I think I over cooked 5 minutes . I truly sucks when it comes to cooking pasta . I guess I need to go for cooking classes again. So be careful when cooking the angel hair spaghetti – 2 minutes is enough to cook it to al dente . For me and my Piggies , we prefer it to be springy.

The only thing nice was the beef meatballs which tasted excellent. :) so that makes the whole package bearable. The next time I make this, I better follow the recipe when cooking the sauce :)))

The ingredients I used for the Bolagnese Sauce is :-

Tomato puree, tomato paste , button mushrooms, pitted black olive, garlic , big onions ( I forgotten this most important ingredient ) , Italian herbs , cheddar cheese and I added chopped tomatoes ( omit this ) and fresh thyme ( coz I have some left overs in the fridge )and olive oil.

Beef Meatballs


500 gm minced beef
2 slices of bread - put in food processor and chopped till it turns coarse crumbs
1 tbsp of mustard and dill sauce ( Tesco Brand)
1 tbsp Italian Herbs
salt to taste
coarsely grounded black pepper
1 tbsp olive oil

Put all the ingredients together in a big bowl and mixed well. Shaped into moth- ball size and fried in hot oil till cooked. Add to the Bolagnese Sauce when about to serve.


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