Sunday, September 21, 2008

Beer Chicken

Being an adventurous person when it comes to trying out new recipes, I can’t postpone any longer to try out this wonderful recipe –a western style Beer Chicken from KWF’s blog. Since my Piggies are back for their sem break, I decided to cook it for dinner. Wanting to surprise them with a new dish and waiting in anticipation for the outcome of this dish coz it has been in my To-Do list for quite a while .

As I was preparing the ingredients for this recipe, Daddy was surprised to see a can of beer amongst them ;)))) and when I told him it was for a new dish that I am going to cook for dinner , I could read this on his face…. “ Why can’t you stick to old recipes ”. I am different.. I can’t wait to try out new recipes and this one is definitely a keeper and I thank God that I am adventurous otherwise I would have missed a wonderful dish.

A simple and easy to prepare dish whereby the cream of chicken blends well with the beer and the after taste of beer is quite prominent in this dish. My Piggies love this dish so I will be making again for them before they go back to college. A keeper definitely !

Thanks KWF for sharing such a wonderful recipe with us on her blog.



  1. don't appreciate creativity:p
    hahaha...but your beer chicken sounds really refreshing...heard of stout spare ribs but beer chicken, that's pretty intriguing:p

  2. sudden rmbr Pi Chiu Yu (beer fish), a Chinese dish.

    serving beer fish to family sounds funny though. hehe ... encouraging alcohol?

  3. @ christy: you are right most men don't appreciate creativity :)This dish is fantastic. Try it if u r as adventurous as me *^

    @j2kfm: Oh..fantastic if I can get the recipe for beer fish. an ingredient I think it is okay coz blended with the can soup it sort of diluted and my kids are young adults so time to learn taking alcohol from home ground :P

  4. So yr piggies enjoyed the dish eh. Good to know that they will be enjoying it again before school reopens.

  5. Anon: Yup, they do. It tasted even better the next day :))))

  6. Glad that you and your piggies like it, Elinluv. :)


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