Sunday, August 17, 2008

Seaweed And Sesame Thins

Me, being the adventurous and needless to say, I search, I see, I bake, I eat , type of person could not resist this recipe which I chanced to stumble upon. By Gina Choong, Seaweed and Sesame Thins…quite challenging…the crispness depends on one skill I guess. Heehee…I failed when it comes to this kind of skill…making it as thin as possible and the oven temperature has to be adjusted to your own oven . My oven must have acted on me coz of the uneven browning. Need to check the oven temperature :P Quick to blame the oven when it was my fault..haha I admit defeat when it comes to making this type of thins :))

Mine were not crispy in the center ( too thick ) and only the edges were crispy. So I have to perfect it by making this snack more often. Easy to prepare and if it is done in the correct thinness then this is a wonderful snack with lots of seaweed and sesame. Light and crispy !!! Click here to see the actual thins . Original recipe by Gina Choong. What a vast difference !!! Heehee.... :p

simple to make batter...takes a few seconds to whip up

seaweed and black and white sesame seeds

be careful when doing this... make sure the batter is spread out thin and even

Sorry, I didn't do justice to the recipe.

* Thanks Gina Choong for sharing such a wonderful snack*



  1. wow !! next week we shall get our fair share.....

  2. @josh : Haha, no way unless you helping out (",)

  3. hahah..its me lah..Gina Choong at Kitchen Capers. I was a partner with Cuisine Asia last year. Thus my recipes are seen there too! you must spread it very thin..use only 1 tsp of batter and spread with the back of the spoon!

  4. Hi Gina,
    Haha...ya I realised that after I reread again ur instructions, too late but the next time I shall follow ur advise..heehee. Thanks for sharing and dropping a line here.


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