Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cempedak Fritters

Wow… a gigantic one…. ‘ cempedak ’ is in season now and I couldn’t resist buying one when I saw this beauty in our usual durian stall. This aromatic fruit is my favourite especially if eaten chilled. The fleshy pulp is so sweet and oooh…you can guess what I had in mind to do with this sweet juicy aromatic fruit…yessss…..cempedak ice cream :)))))))

Of course I did not make ice cream out of this juicy sweet fruit but was quite tempted. We ate it fresh and the left over I make fritters for supper (",) but alas I made my own batter which turned out a disaster coz it became soft and not crispy . Was too lazy to dig out the recipe for a crispy batter . But the whole plate of cempedak fritters was emptied by the Piggies ( they must be very hungry…I guessed ) The seed can be eaten if it is cooked through. Normally the hot oil would have cooked the seed during the frying process.

Frankly speaking, it is best eaten fresh…honey sweet and juicy and the taste is similar to jackfruit with a hint of durian. Asians will normally love this fruit !

This beauty costs RM7.50 ..honey sweet and juicy

fleshy and juicy pulp..luscious

cempedak fritters.. the whole plate of fritters was emptied in secs by the hungry Piggies
even though it was not crispy like the one sold :))))

Quote of the day

I believe that my children are a gift of God –
the hope of a new tomorrow
I believe that immeasurable possibilities lie
slumbering in each son and daughter.
I believe that God has planned a perfect
plan for their future, and that His love
shall always surround them
~ Robert Schuller~

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