Sunday, August 3, 2008

Homemade Beef Burgers

Ahhh…homemade beef burgers!!!! Yay…I still have about 500 gm of beef in the freezer so I set about making my own beef burgers inspired by Uncle Burger’s Sizzling Beef Burgers :))) Since it was a Saturday morning and having woke up late we missed our usual morning breakfast so Dad and Momsie had brunch instead. And we had wholemeal pita bread with homemade beef burgers for brunch.

I took out the beef and have it minced in the food processor . To 

my delight , I just have to add in the slice of white bread, black pepper and chopped big onions and one egg into the food processor and pulse it for a few seconds. Tadaa… in just a few minutes I had a huge portion of nicely minced beef mixture. Haha that’s the beauty of having a food processor at home…make things easy.

I bought the wholemeal pita bread from the supermart...will try to do my own next round , haha it is in my to-do list of course! :)

It tasted so good that I could not help blogging about it…it was finger licking good and I had two helpings (",) with the added extras. Fresh onion rings , lettuce , tomatoes and a slice of cheddar cheese with the right dressings makes the whole package of healthy eating. The beef burgers were juicy and every mouthful was …one word H-E-A-V-E-N-L-Y good. And the best part it was homemade and no PRESERVATIVE!!!

It was yummilicious good that I am going to make this for my Piggies when they come back next weekend. They missed all this nice home cooking food .My piggies, for the time being just drool what Daddy and I had for brunch (",)

And a cuppa of hot green tea after those yummilicious burgers fantastic !!!

Homemade Beef Burgers


(A)500 gms of minced beef
1 big chopped big onion
1 slice of white bread – cut into small pieces
1 egg
1 tsp of ground black pepper
1 tsp of Italian Herbs
salt to taste

(B) 1 tbsp of oyster sauce
a pinch of ground black pepper
(mixed the above together with 3 tbsp of water)
1 tbsp of butter

(C) a few leaves of lettuce
slices of tomatoes
slices of cheddar cheese
2 big onion cut into rings
mayonaise and chilli sauce for dressing


Put the cut beef into the food processor and processed the beef coarsely. Add in the rest of ingredients (A) into the food processor and pulse a few seconds. Take out and rest in the fridge for 20 minutes.
Shape into burgers sized and pan seared it till they are cooked. Add in (B) mixture when the burgers are almost cooked and add a pat of butter on top to give it a nice buttery fragrant to the burgers. Take out and put aside. Cut the pita bread into half. Filled it with a piece of the cooked beef burger and add (C) for garnishing.



  1. wow, looks so yummy!
    Uncle Burger's beef patties are homemade one ah?
    wonder why he never opens anymore
    or I could be there at the wrong time?

  2. hm...good to noe u and dad are indulging :p Yumz.....if there's one thing i can't resist it's burgers !!! Promise you're gonna make tat when we get back ya?? promise promise promise?? :)

    j2kfm: uncle burger's patties aren't homemade, they're the regular Ramli burgers, he still opens...quite late...around nine-ish...tip : try being there in the first half hour when he opens if u wanna get his sizzling beef burgers...:)

  3. j2kfm : Haha I think Jo has answered for me (",)

    Joanna: Thanx for dropping by despite so much assignment and dateline to meet. Sure will make for you when you and Josh come back next week. Feed you till you both are round in shape (",)

  4. Hey, thanks for sharing this. Hmm...I would love to make one using pork instead, cuz I don't take beef.

  5. Hey Little Inbox,

    U are welcome and thanks for dropping by . Hope you will like it :)


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