Monday, July 28, 2008

Why I heart her so much...

Guarding Piggy boy while he was napping
she must be thinking... "er ..wish I could join him up on the sofa"

I can't explain why I heart this dog so much...,
I can forgive her for all her mischievous acts,
I can endure all her scratches,
I can allow her to jump onto my lap and
allow her to snuggle against me
and even allow her to lick my face,
I can allow her into my house and sit on my sofa, and
share all my bakings and ice-cream with her....
strange enough ....she is the one
who brings laughter with her clowning acts.
Yes...she is a clown alright and worst still
I have allowed her into my heart......and
I asked myself ....why I heart her so.......

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