Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Yummz Artery Clogging Burgers

Uncle Burger seems to be doing well in Ipoh Garden East. We were taken aback and filled with dismay when he told us that he will be moving out to the Ipoh Stadium Food Court starting Jun 2008. Eeeek…there's goes our uncle burger , we gonna miss his burgers but not him :))))Not that it's far but compared to just outside your housing area , within walking distance…,it is :O !!!

But the good NEWS is, he is back operating at his usual place. A humble looking stall situated just behind the Ipoh East Coffee Shop. He operates from 9pm till 11.30pm. He even takes phone orders (“,) His H/P no is 016-5383318 . So now we can continue to have this artery clogging burgers for supper…yay! ** My Piggies, Daddy and nephew love his burgers. Only when the Piggies are back that I allow this sinful indulgence **

It is cheap and juicy nice…. :) Sizzling beef with added extras cost under RM5. The basic ones cost RM2 plus. A good price for a good burger…it’s money worth. Don’t judge the way he wrap his burgers , it is cost effective …remember , we consumers will have to pay more for attractive packaging. :)))) And don’t get me wrong , I am not paid to advertise for him…just wanna share something good with the residence of Ipoh Garden East ;)


Btw, I have permission from the owner to post up the
Irish Cream Liqueur Ice-Cream recipe on my blog :)
and I have made some and to my delight it turned out
to be sinfully delicious and lips-smacking.
Will update you guys on it in my next post.
Stayed tuned :))


  1. YEAH! one of my fav burger in Ipoh! tried only once as dunno which day he opens his stall. VERY delicious and sinful with cheese,egg and such. lip-smacking goodness ....

  2. Hi j2kfm,

    Yup...darn nice..esp the sizzling beef...haha with added extras...mmmm thumbs up. You call first before you leave the house. I will normally call him to see if he's open for business :)))

  3. Here in Penang, so far, I have not come across to low cost burger, except those Ramly Burger lor...just the instant process meat only, nothing special.

  4. Hi Little Inbox,
    Over here in Ipoh we have those Ramly Burger stalls too but I dun quite like it. This Uncle Burger is different...taste wise is fantastic, juicy and the sliced raw onions are sweet and crunchy and the shredded lettuce are fresh too. The sauces he used on the sizzling beef burger will make you hunger for more....haha I am a real teaser rite :))))). It is really YUMMY!


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