Monday, July 21, 2008

Hearts Of LOVE

I spent the whole weekend baking these beauties..yes little hearts of love for Piggal gal. She requested for these sesame wheat cookies. She loves to eat. Snacking on these while doing her assignments and studies. She couldn’t come back for the weekend due to a load of assignments , . Poor Piggy gal…. I thought she didn't like the sesame seeds, but turned out she loves it!!!

I used a heart shape cookie cutter for these beauties…:) so that every bites will remind her of Momsie’s love for her. How creative can this Momsie be and the motive behind these beauties….(",)

A tupper full of love for Piggy gal..:)))) Enjoy these cookies of love and remember this, Piggy gal…Momsie loves you lotz and the most important thing is I love making these adorable little hearts for you…..
Weekends are the time when there is a little bit more.. well, time. For things like baking cookies and having fun cutting out these little hearts with a cute little heart cutter.

My little hearts. You are golden brown and crispy, and smelling delicious...yummilicious sesame wheat cookies.
Piggy gal was delighted with these little heart shaped cookies when she received it . Not only was she delighted with it but thrilled to bits with such cuties.

Click here for Recipe

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