Friday, July 11, 2008

Baileys - The Original Irish Cream

Woohoo….I recently got a bottle of Baileys …duty free -RM72 for a 1 litre bottle…haha you know what…. I came across this ice cream recipe using Baileys :P wow…can’t wait to try it. Will post up the recipe as soon as I get permission to do so. Homemade Irish Cream Liqueur Ice-cream will be my next ice-cream project :)))))

Thanks Honey :))) that's her name , for getting this bottle of Irish Cream for me when she went to Australia last month.
This weekend, I have lotz of baking and cooking to do coz Piggy boy has requested for steamed moist chocolate cake, egg tarts, mango ice cream and yam cake.......haha another fun weekend for me. I love having my Piggies back for holidays!!!
He drools over my bakings....smsed me that I must bake for him when he sighted anything nice on MY BLOG ( ",) Piggies luv eating is my blog description,very aptly named!! I look forward to making my own ice cream lastest interest's a challenge to do it without a domestic ice-cream machine and I loves challenges !!! Homemade ice cream is so decadent, so indulgent, yet so simple. All you need is milk, sugar, eggs, and your imagination.


Note: Hooked on one Hongkong drama lately thus no baking the last few days ;)


  1. I love the taste of this cream liqueur and the only way I have it, is with my cup of coffee.

    After reading your blog, I just can't wait to see your Irish Cream Liqueur Ice-cream.

  2. Hi ck lam,
    Thanks for dropping by. Haha..will be making the ice cream tonite. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will turn out nice. Will post up the recipe soon.


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