Wednesday, July 2, 2008

She Has Wormed Her Way To My Heart

She is simply adorable and she has managed to worm her way to my heart. She ain't beautiful but darn cute :) She connects with me I guess.

She has this very pathetic look at times that makes me wanna hug and cuddle her. She has a very warm, affectionate and protective nature in her. Each time I come home from work , she will wag her bushy tail and will be waiting to jump up and hug me. She will do the boogie-woogie thing. And if I allow her, she will lick me all over :))

I bought this toy (poky green ball ) for her when she was 2.5 mths old and since then it has become her favourite toy and she learned to fetch . Gosh , she is intelligent too ! :))))

Hmmm see how much she loves the green ball and it must be yummy too :)

Wow..she practically has the whole ball inside her mouth :0

Why the puzzle look? Taste good is it? :))))

It is really that nice? Haha I guess so. The designer is smart to design such a hardy ball and it won't slip away so easily....

She looked tired here...haha can't blame her coz she she has been wrestling with the ball for almost an hour and that was about the hour I spent cam -whoring her :( I am tired too (",)

See, she can hold it in her mouth. She just wanna show off her skill in balancing the ball in her mouth. Told ya she is intelligent!


Bear-Bear is 6 months old now. Medium size, Cute, Affectionate
and clever to worm her way to my heart and my BLOG :)

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