Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sweet & Juicy Nectarines

Buying fruits for my Piggies is not an easy task. At times I just don’t know what to get for them , fruits that can last a week , fruits that can stand the hot weather , fruits that are nice and easy to peel.. Bananas will ripe easily so that is out of the question. Grapes must be seedless and easy to peel type and they prefer to eat it cold so this is also out of the question. They don’t like apples so this is out too. Guava has to be seedless too but we understand that the farmers sprayed a lot of pesticide on them so can’t eat too often. Haizz…definitely not an easy task when it comes to buying fruits for them. They love mangoes but they like them cold from the fridge so it makes choosing fruits for them darn hard for Momsie. Fruits that can last the hot weather and at the same time nice to eat and easy for them to peel….huh…I wish I can create my own fruit to suit their desire. God, please give me a magic wand and I shall not wish for anything more! The first thing I would do is to wave the magic wand for an "invisible FRIDGE" for them in their room and that will solve the problem. Any fruits will do then! (“,) No more headache for Momsie ! No fridge allowed in hostel room :( so making living in hostel room sucks in this part of the world.

I sighted these lovely nectarines at Tesco Hypemart. I bought 2 packs :) coz they look so luscious ! A pack of tens cost RM8.99. Well….a bit pricey though ( small in size ) but it was worth it coz Piggies told me that they were sweet and juicy. Daddy and I do pamper them LOTZ and we will give them the BEST that we could afford…our DOLLARS and TIME and our LOVE for them is UNCONDITIONAL :)))))))

sweet ,juicy and succulent nectarines

checking out for any bad ones (",)


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