Monday, August 11, 2008

Layered Chocolate Cake With Banana Cream Filling

This was what Piggy boy wanted to eat for his weekend homecoming last week. Layered Chocolate Cake with Banana Cream Filling. His wish was my command… I set out to make this cake last Friday, so that he could have the whole weekend to feast on it .

Making this cake used to be quite tiring but now I can make it in 2 hours . Getting quite pro now heehee juz kidding (“,) As long as my Piggies eat all that I make ,I don’t mind working till I dropped dead. Baking and cooking are passions in me that will not sizzle out till my last breath. Wow..very strongly phrased :))))

I used Dralion recipe for the moist chocolate cake and when it cools down , slice the cake into two layers , whipped some heavy cream till stiff and apply on the layered cake and arranged the sliced banana on top of the whipped cream. Cover the sliced bananas with some cream. Place the 2nd layer on top of the fillings and frost the cake with chocolate ganache. Leave in the fridge for the chocolate ganache to set. Tada… I have a nice cake done in 2 hours . Normally I will make this cake for birthdays only but since he fancy eating it, Momsie hasn’t got the heart to say No to him…^___^ . Thus my Friday night was spent just making this sinfully luscious item..appeasing to Piggy boy.

** shout out to Piggy Boy: “Hey darlin, this cake is the payment in advance for the facelift of my blog banner and kamsahamida for taking your time to do it for me. Love you Piggies lotz…”



  1. Wow! The chocolate cake look so moist. I luv chocolate cakes. *Drool*

  2. yummy..... too bad i didnt have enough room to fit in some more of it..... T_T

  3. What a stunning looking chocolate cake !!!!

    I bet it tastes delicious with the banana filling

    Well done girls


  4. @allie :Thanks 4 dropping by. The cake is moist alright. ^____^

    @josh : hmmm next time I will oni make this cake for you on ur birthday! Juz joking, anyway thanks for the banner.

    @ lady vanilla: Hi Dralion, thanks for your moist chocolate cake recipe. It was yummy with the banana filling. ^_____^ thumbs up.Thanks for dropping a line on my blog.

  5. Your chocolate cake is so so so moist. Hmm...Banana black forrest. :P

  6. @ Little Inbox: Yea,haha I used imported dark chocolate powder. That's y it is so dark, but the taste and aroma is so chocolatey.Thumbs up!

    @ Joanna: Aiyo, wanted to ask Josh to take back some for u,but the chocolate ganache will melt in the hot weather and ur slice of chocolatey goodness will become 'messy' time OK?

  7. Looks good. I love this cake alot. A truly good recipe. and with banana fillings. sedap!

  8. Hi precious moments,

    Yup, sedap betul :))) this is the family favourite chocolatey taste yet has the banana sourish taste in-between.

    Thanks for dropping a line here ^___^

  9. Did you use whoop cream or your own bannana recipe?? looks so good :)


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